Secret Admirer

Life takes a turn for the interesting when Gabriella is shaken from her brooding with some tragic news. Her live-in boyfriend, Darnell, was gunned down in the streets and she was listed as the next of kin. Deep dark secrets are revealed in the wake of his fall and Gabriella is left holding the bag.

Not only did he leave behind dependents and loved ones, his illegal activities were left unattended. The many enemies he made during his rise, they sought out his leftovers after his demise. Gabriella has no clue what the newly acquired stalkers seek. She is thrust into the arms of a handsome yet dangerous stranger.

Only tipping the iceberg into the secret life of the dark knight, she must decide whether his unmentionables are worth the hassle.

Admirers have come forward with the intent to keep her safe from the evil that lurks in the shadows. But at what cost?




Signed Copy

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