***Excerpt Love Drug***


Warning: Adult Content, Sexual, Vulgar language


I released my soldiers into the condom and finally grudgingly pulled out and her juices started spilling out. Then she fell forward no doubt worn out I leaned in and whispered “That’s for that little jiggling victory dance you did earlier.” She started laughing. I got up and went to the bathroom to rid myself of our protection. I washed my hands and lay down beside her she was still laying in the same spot as when I left.

 Pushing her hair out of her face I see she was half-asleep. “Damn Bae I beat it up like that, huh.” I said as a statement. She had the most satisfied look on her beautiful face. I pulled the sheet up over us and played in her hair until she was fast asleep. She looks so peaceful. I leaned over and brushed a kiss to her forehead before falling asleep thinking about her and what if’s.

“Brock. Brock. Brock.” I was just tapping that ass again while Nikki was screaming my name to go harder. I heard a phone ringing. Is that my phone?

“Brock!?” Nikki said nudging me.

“Yeah baby what’s wrong?” I asked coming awake. Damn that dream felt real.

“Your phone keeps ringing.” She said with sleep in her voice.

“Damn, I was just having a butt-naked dream about you. I had that ass screaming you know how I get down.” I said chuckling while reaching for my jeans to get my phone just as it stopped ringing.

“All talk Mr. Walker, all talk.” She said giggling.

“ I got your talk.” I said as I smacked her on the ass.

“Mmm. You know I like that freaky shit.” She said.

I laughed. My baby girl got a kinky side, if she thinks this is freaky, she ain’t seen shit yet. I laughed to myself.

My phone started ringing while we went back and forth with our playtime.

“What?” I answered not knowing who it was because the I.D. read unknown.

“Brock?” I recognized the voice immediately. I sighed cause I don’t need this shit right now. Nikki got up and I grabbed her before she could go too far.

“Where you going?” I asked. Thinking she heard April’s voice through the phone.

She giggled. “To the bathroom, is that ok?” she asked still giggling.

I chuckled. “My bad.” I released her and watched her hips sway to the bathroom.

“Damn Bae hurry back.” I said licking my lips. Damn that ass is nice.

“BROCK!?” April shouted, I forgot she was on the phone.

“WHAT THE F*CK DO YOU WANT!?” I said through clenched teeth.

“Who the hell was that in the background?” She asked.

I looked at the phone for a minute thinking this bitch done lost her mind to think she has any right to ask me about who I’m with.

“Not you.” I said becoming agitated.

“Oh so you got jokes nigga you know what, you a trifling nigga. Since that’s prolly the same bitch you was f*cking while we were together. I better not catch the bitch I know that.” She said.

“Bitch don’t try…” I trailed off remembering I was not at home and Nikki should be out of the bathroom any minute. “You know what April I will discuss this with you later.” I hung up and turned my phone off just as Nikki walked back to the bed.

 “You okay?” She asked with genuine concern on her face.

 “Yeah I’m good now.” I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply. She moaned while I tried to lick her tonsils.

 My dick instantly saluted waiting to meet up with her pretty kitty again. I pulled her over to straddle me without breaking our lip service because I want to see her in action. I lifted her up effortlessly and slid her down my length to the base. I guided her hips in a nice smooth motion while bracing myself to meet her halfway and her walls clutched my member instantly causing me to groan and pull away from the kiss. She sat up to assume the position and start to slow grind like she heard music. Her head was thrown back she using my tool to give herself long deep strokes. F*ck I’m about to nut already. Damn I lost count of her orgasms. As if she felt my problem coming she changed tempo and started bouncing on my dick like a pogo stick, she gripped the headboard, I gripped her hips to make sure she didn’t fall off.

 SMACK, SMACK, SMACK. The sound of skin slapping against each other was all too damn much.

 “F*CK. BAE. SHIT.” I growled.

She was just moaning and groaning with her eyes shut tight. She was riding my dick like a pro bringing me to my pique quick. She rose up until my tip was almost out and she came back down with such force I lost it. And then it happened I rose up and continued to pump in her womb I want her to feel me for days. I viciously bust and it hit me like a ton of bricks, shit I didn’t have on a rubber. Oh hell. Too late, I felt the blast off. She just got a full load of my soldiers. Damn I haven’t been this careless since my baby mama fourteen years ago. She collapsed on top of me with me still deep inside of her and she laid her head on my chest. She probably would wig out if she knew what just went down. Because she will indeed get pregnant, there’s no doubt in my mind about that. Oh well we will cross that bridge when we get there. I rubbed her back to sooth her and found myself drifting off once again.

 For more about Brock and Nikki’s journey click the link below. 


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