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“Mr. Mucciono?” She’d called him two times before she heard ice clink in a glass. Tip-toeing further into the room, she called him again. He still didn’t answer.

“Antonio, please answer me. I just wanted to check on you. See if you needed anything.” Allison pleaded.

“Get out.” She followed his voice. It sounded gruff and strained. The room was so dark the only light in the room was coming from the moon with the two patio doors wide open. The chill in the air made her hug herself for warmth.


“…” She found him sitting in the darkest corner of the room. From her viewpoint he looked like a vampire ready to strike its kill at any minute.

“I know you haven’t eaten. Let me fix you a plate at least.”


“Please. Is there anything I can do?”

“…” Nothing. The silence was eerie.

“I know you are angry, Antonio. I just want to help.” Antonio slowly stood to his feet.

“Leave.” He ground out going over to what she presumed was the bar. She crept up next to him as he just stood there staring at nothing.

Taking his glass from his hand successfully made him snap his head towards her. Allison did her best to ignore the heated gaze he was giving. If looks could kill she would surely be dead as a door knob. The last time he was angry in her presence, he wanted her to drink with him so she tried that method fixing a drink for herself as well as freshening his. Taking hers to the head she tried to take the edge off. The burn was so bad, the edge or his murderous look was the last thing on her mind. ‘How on earth did he drink this mess on a regular,’ she questioned herself.

“You should really leave.” Antonio finally said after about ten minutes of silence. Allison had sauntered over to the opened patio door, looking out over the sea.

“No.” It was true what they say about alcohol being liquid courage because she had just grown a pair of balls speaking to ‘The Don Mucciono’ that way. “Are you ready to eat now? Let me take care of you.”

“…” He only chuckled darkly void of any humor. “How? You can barely take care of yourself.”

“You can slang out insults after insults but I’m only trying to help not hurt you further. I know…”

“You don’t know shit!” He shouted.

“…” Allison shut up quickly. “You’re right I don’t know. I have never lost anyone close to me because I am the one lost. Lost to myself. They say my mother was a crack head who overdosed on the delivery table. No other family. Never in one place long enough to love anyone or for anyone to love me. Who would want to love a useless waste of space? I was an easy prey for an evil man like Derek.”

“All the hurtful insults you can think of to throw my way, go right ahead. They are all true. Through it all I am still a good person and I’m trying to be there for you.” Allison pleaded. “Just lay it out. No one has to know.” Allison laid all of her cards out and waited for what was to come next. When Antonio slowly strolled in her direction, her first thought was to abort ‘mission help Antonio’ and run for the hills.

“You want to help me?” Antonio asked.


“How far are you willing to go?”

“How far do you need me to go?”

“That’s a trick question.”

“No. A real one.”

“You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.”

“No, I don’t but I’m not backing down neither.”

“You should.”

“I’m not afraid.”

“You sure about that?”

“…” Allison only stared him square in the eye not budging. He smirked cryptically in response.

Since she only slept in a pair pajama bottoms, a skimpy tank top, and no undergarments she wore a robe to cover herself. Antonio untied the robe, never removing his eyes from hers as if they were playing the staring game to see who would flinch or look away first. The robe pooled at her feet and the breeze from the water grazed her exposed skin. A tremble caused her breath to come out in a shudder.

“Changed your mind?”


“You shivered.”

“It’s cold.”

“Last chance.”

“…” Allison bit her lower lip but said nothing nor did she make a move to leave.


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