***EXCERPT*** Cask & Cream



Cask & Cream

“Grant O’Hare, allow me to introduce Yvette Devereux.”

“Mrs. Devereux, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

“You as well, Mr. O’Hare.” Vette smoothly replied not bothering to correct the handle he put on her name. For now, she didn’t mind leading him to believe that she was taken.

Mr. Dawson went on to give a brief but praise worthy spiel of Vette’s credentials. She would nod and reply when the need arose but mostly she was ogling Mr. O’Hare. Being introduced to Grant was the highlight of the entire night and it wasn’t over yet.

The fact that he was extremely tall and well-built sent a jolt to her vagina for sure. Bright blue eyes, neatly trimmed facial hair, and his huge presence had every woman in the room gawking. Evidently, it was not a new occurrence for that sort of attention for he was soaking it up. The cockiness he exuded filled the air around.

Vette instantly knew she wanted to take a test drive on the Harley before her. Using his long dirty blonde hair as the handle bars to guide the movements; she was definitely mentally raping the man.

“Will you both excuse me, the missus is garnering my attention.” Mr. Dawson said suddenly. With a nod in understanding from both Grant and Vette, he briskly walked away.

“Would you like for me to refresh your drink, Mrs. Devereux?”

“No thank you, I can manage on my own. Would you like for me to refresh yours, Mr. O’Hare?”

“That would not be a gallant thing to do,” he smirked with a devious look on his face. “Join me at the bar?”

“Lead the way,” Vette replied. The hand he placed just below her elbow to guide her in the direction of the bar sent a chill down her spine. This man was temptation in the works. Every nerve in her body was seeking the cause for the heat to rise.

“So, Mrs. Devereux, did your husband have another engagement?”

“Why do you ask that?” She asked as they ventured further away from prying ears.

“Leaving a very alluring, yet successful woman behind with a room full of wolves does not sound logical.”

“Alluring and successful, may I assume that was a compliment?”

“No need to assume, that was indeed a compliment.”

“What have you found alluring Mr. O’Hare?”

“Oh, come now Mrs. Devereux, you have an undeniable charm. Your aura screams for attention, yet your demeanor remains poised. Although you are all about your business, there is an underlying pussy cat that wants to be tamed.” He stated with confidence, which was a major turn on in Vette’s book. “Not to mention, every man in the room has eyes on you but none of them have the guts to step to the plate.”

“Yet, here you are filling my ego with compliments.”

“Let’s just say that I don’t scare easily. Now if you are done avoiding my previous question.”

“That is good to know, I have no use for a timid man nor am I in the market for a damsel in distress.” She stated with conviction. “Why have you chosen to attend without your wife or companion on your arm?”

“Who is to say that she isn’t mingling throughout the room as we speak?” He questioned taking a sip of his drink.

“In that case, allow me to excuse myself from your presence. We wouldn’t want to give your significant other the wrong impression.”

“What impression would that be since we are at a networking event? Is this not the place to have a discussion with probable business associates?”

“Indeed, but the lustful vibe of the room would cause any warm-blooded woman to cling to your side.” Vette perused the room before settling her gaze back to him. From the head to toe look of appreciation he brandished her with, the heat rose another degree. “After all, you are a very attractive man, most women would feel slighted.”

“If there were a Mrs. I am sure she would feel put out compared to such a temptress as yourself.”

“Temptress, I have not begun to tempt anyone. Yet,” Vette added with a sly smile.

“Now that sounds intriguing. How would one apply for such a position?”

“It depends, are you a willing applicant?”

“I am more than willing to be a participant but I am more curious as to the terms of employment. What are the perks?”

“Of course, since we are in mixed company—I cannot divulge all of what I can offer. However, if I do say so myself, it is quite delectable.” Again, she posed the million-dollar question. “Are you interested, Mr. O’Hare?”

“…” Instead of responding aloud he leaned in and whispered his response. “How about you meet me later and we can discuss the terms of the positions?”

“You mean conditions to this arrangement,” Vette corrected.

“However you choose word it is solely up to you but I stated what I meant.”

“Here is my card, if you still desire to discuss business in say an hour—contact me.”

“I will definitely be in contact. You have a good evening.”

“We will see about that and I plan to have an exhilarating evening. With or without an assistant,” she added for good measure before walking away.

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