***Excerpt*** BLAZING

****WARNING Vulgar language and adult actions****

“What are you smiling about?” Kay asked.

“You don’t want to know.”

“Whatever it is must be something serious. You didn’t hear me when I walked in and your smile never faltered.” She giggled.

“I heard you walk in, believe that.” Blaze gave her a look. She hadn’t lost an inch of her sexy body through any of her pregnancies. When she carried, she was all stomach with slight swelling in the breast area. “I am always aware of our surroundings, you already know.”

“You can take the vigilant out of the hood but never the hood…well you get where I’m going.” She joked.

“Exactly, old habits die-hard.”

“…” It was clear she had something on her mind but she was hesitating.

“What’s on your mind baby?”

“It’s nothing,” she lied. Blaze hated when she avoided answering his direct questions. It always caused him to push a bit harder but that was the nature of a woman. They all did it.

“Kay-baby, you know I’m not a patient man. Why must you force me to push so hard when you could just answer my question when I ask?”

“Nate, I know you are shame right now. Were you or were you not just thinking before I walked into the room. Last I checked you didn’t answer my question either.” She said with a twinge of an attitude. “Ole rock head…” Kay grumbled under her breath as she walked towards the bathroom.

Now Blaze knew for sure it was something serious on her mind because she is officially defensive. Obviously, it’s over something that she feels he will not be happy about. Blaze knew the kids were probably out like a light, giving him room to figure out what was on his wife’s mind. What was bothering her? What was she concentrating so hard on and why did he have a feeling he wasn’t going to like it one bit?

“Nate, I’m not going to…” Kay began but he didn’t give her a chance to say anything else. She was in the middle of her shower before he decided to catch her off guard. Blaze wasted no time shutting her mouth and putting it to better use. Kay knew how he operated. If she pushed, he pushed harder. It was in his nature to dominate, it was in her nature to nurture. Now it was time she allow him to dominate her rebellious ass.

Roughly kissing her lips, Blaze didn’t give her a chance to finish her thought. Because her honey pot never dried out, he knew it was sopping wet for his intrusion. There was never a time when he hadn’t slid inside of Kay and she wasn’t wet. Never had they needed the use of any type of lubricant. Studies say, most women lose their natural ability to self-lube after having one baby and Kay has birthed multiple.

Sure enough, Blaze was met with heaven on Earth. Kay never put up much of a fight when it came time for him to show no mercy in dominating his playground. Secretly, he knew she enjoyed every punishing thrust as much as he enjoyed delivering. His baby was a freak but she tries to fight it or hide the fact. Either way, he knew and he relished in pulling the hellcat out of her on a regular basis.

BLAZE,” she screamed and creamed all in one thrust. It was meant to do just what it did, render her speechless. An inaudible hush was over the entire bathroom, leaving only the sound of wet skin slapping. The incredible feeling of his balls drawing up was felt before he unleashed an aggressive stream of semen. Groaning into her neck, he waited until his breathing settled down before allowing her body to slide to the floor.

“Handle your business and meet me in the bedroom.” He said leaving her with a slap to the ass. Feeling and watching it jiggle he quickly added, “No need to get dressed.” After he busted a hard one, he washed up with her watching his every move. She was moving around on wobbly legs.

“What if the kids need something?” She softly asked. His baby girl was still bashful at times and it drove him mad with desire for some strange reason.

“Am I not capable of getting up?”

“That’s not what I meant…”

“I’m just fucking with you.” He chuckled leaving Kay to finish her shower. Blaze made sure everything was locked up tight, peaked in on the kids one last time before getting into position. Walking from the bathroom, Kay paused regarding him with a bite down on her bottom lip.

“Climb on,” he stroked his hardened flesh. Blaze left no room for argument and thinking better of arguing, Kay complied. He never got enough.


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