Character References & Discussion

Let’s talk about the characters from BLAZE and BLAZING THESE STREETS.

When writing the live story BLAZE, I only had two character references for Blaze and Kay. This go round I figure I would put everybody out there so you all can see what I see. Ready? Here we go…

Blaze’s character has changed a bit. At first I pictured him as a football player by the name of Devin Thomas. Now I see him as more of a Shawne Merriman.

I kept Kay’s character as before because in my mind I could see these two people together. Kai Morae

Bobby Daniels

Big Mama _ Blaze’s Grandmother

big mama big mama1





That’s all for the favored team. What do you all think? Let’s talk about these folks…UPDATE TOMORROW, I’m ready are you?

Peace, K. K. Harris

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