Tenacious Tuesday

"Over the years, I made a million and one bad decisions. Admittingly so, I have done some questionable things but I repented to whom it counts to the most. Gratefulness flows freely from me on a daily basis that the Lord sent his son to die for my sins. The sad part is that others won't let you forget where you went wrong. Therefore where you try to look forward to positively, they choose to live in the past and they want you to reside there with them."

Author #TuesdayTips: 6 Tips to finding readers this weekend. #booksellingtechniques #21CenturyAuthorMarketing

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The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard

6 Tips to finding readers this weekend. #promoadvice#ammarketing. #whatshesaid



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April Promotion Buddy

For week II of the #SYOTNBuddy promotions, I will be featuring Tyora Moody. About the Reed Family   Romantic Suspense/Christian Fiction Meet the siblings of the crime-fighting Reed Family. Kicking off the series is Detective Jo Reed-Powell whose hunting down a copycat killer and coming to grips with her cheating husband in Broken Heart (Feb 2016). Forensic artist … Continue reading April Promotion Buddy