Secret Admirer

Welcome to the newest LIVE adventure, ‘Secret Admirer.’

This is a crime/thriller/mystery. VIOLENCE is going to be a must so if you are squeemish, you might want to skip this story. LOL

I won’t promise speedy updates but they will come how they may. I started the story on wattpad but decided to play with both avenues. Some of the live readers and the interactions that I have there, are not as good as my sneak readers tend to get on here. (I love yall)


One night things changed for the worst in a young woman’s life, when her boyfriend was tragically injured. However devastating it was to nearly lose the love she thought she had, deep dark secrets were revealed in the wake of tragedy. His life is now in her hands as she has the right to make life changing decisions on his behalf.

The fallout after the decision has been made will send others gunning for her. Over time, more revelations will be acknowledged and admirers will come forward with the intent to keep her safe. But at what cost?

This story started off as a short story during the #shortstorychallenge that popped off on facebook. The few times I posted actually pushed me to create more. So far so good, but I would love your feedback and see what my trusted think.

Please get involved, comment, disect, and I will do my best to interact. Of course it will be password protected so hit me up if you want access.

Much Love,


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