Crown Royal on Ice (Chronicles)

The idea came from the desire I once had to start a couples ministry. (Hold tight because this is going to throw you a curve ball.) Unfortunately that vision wasn’t something my previous pastor agreed with. Although there was nothing outside of couples activities, date nights, homework assignments, and such some people are not interested in going above to fill the gap.

My creative mind took over and wanted to do something out of the norm. I have always wanted to write a novella series. I enjoy reading them so why not try my hand at something foreign to me, right. The twist was I didn’t think the simple therapy and retreat would be interesting enough to read without the extra spice.

Sex therapy! BOOM! Jill Scott’s song ‘Crown Royal on Ice’ happened to come on around that time. While I’m grooving, the story is unfolding in my mind. Eureka, we have a winner. In the lyrics, Jill could easily be describing an intimate encounter or just the mere thought of the act. In my mind however, this is what unfolded.

The smooth taste of a honey-coated drink gliding down your throat, quenching your taste buds, and warming your insides could be similar to a full body orgasm. The deepness of an encounter so forceful that the imprint will last in your memory bank for days, maybe even weeks to come. A closeness that the smallest interaction will trigger your wildest fantasies and shivers to caress your spine.

 Crown Royal on Ice to me is that deep rooted connection that will have you drunk with passion. Just the thought of being intimate, every touch, a smile, and look would be bumped to the next level.

Of course, everyone won’t see my vision as I see it but I do hope it reaches the eyes of the folks that dare to walk on the wild side and they aren’t afraid to show it.


A marriage faces many trials, tribulations, tests, and temptations on a daily basis. So many people fall in love with the idea of being married just to hear the words, ‘I’s married now.’ To say they cuffed or locked another individual down for bragging rights and so many other reasons that don’t amount to a hill of beans. In the end, do the same individuals do everything that it takes to stay married? Once the luster wears off, will they go to every extreme to keep the one that they supposedly love? Will love be enough?

A real marriage is based on several different components and of course sexual encounters shouldn’t be the main one. However, intimacy is very important in becoming one body, one soul, and overall oneness with each other. Intimacy is more than just bumping and grinding. It should be more than just reaching the finish line. Crown Royal on Ice will only scratch the surface of some marital woes many married couples face on a day-to-day basis.

Let’s turn this into a soap… who knows what may come out of my mouth from this point forward. My mind takes on dark sides at times, I hope you are ready.

Story will be updated on a regular basis… Join the fun you won’t want to miss this.

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