Trampled Heart


Neykole “Kole” James is a twenty-five year old single mother of two. Having more unsuccessful relationships than healthy ones, she is leery about the opposite sex. Liars, cheaters, manipulators, and hypocrites surrounded her on all sides. Other than the love from her children and close friends, she considers herself unlovable. The constant assumption that no man would ever want a ready-made family was drilled into her head before she left her home town of Little Rock, AR. With the assistance of her childhood friend, she moved to a new place to start anew. Leaving behind family, her son’s father, and a bucket load of other drama that she wanted no parts of, Kole wanted better.

A chance run-in with a school mate, brings forth a fondness she had sworn she was over. Just seeing his face, although a bit older, brought everything back full swing. The problem is he never noticed her then so any chances of her being noticed now was next to impossible. Taking into consideration that she now had kids further pressed the envelope that fate was definitely not on her side.

Can Kole’s heart be mended or is it broken beyond repair?

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