The Ultimate Fight


A one-night stand filled with unadulterated passion will magnify into an ultimate fight for the one thing every girl dreams of and most men know nothing about, love.

Mya Denise Daniels is a certified country girl who at the tender age of twenty-five works as a nurse at one of the country’s most prestigious hospitals in Atlanta Georgia. While other young people her age are out living it up with one night stands and partying with the stars, Mya prefers the home life. Unsuccessful in the love department over the years hasn’t left a bad taste in her mouth but she has yet to find the one that sets her panties on fire with just a look. Throughout college she lived a lonely life of school, work, and home. No parties, one best friend, and a few female associates, Mya was labeled as a prude most of her adult life. One night all of that will come to an end when she is forced to partake in a celebrity filled birthday party with her sorority sisters. Mya’s usual laid back persona is pumped up when she is pursued by the finger-licking good-looking fighter B.A. Only, she has no clue who she is entertaining when sparks begin to fly and she invites him back to her place for one night of passion.

Barron Anderson is a twenty-seven year old Ultimate Fight Club fighter. Relationships was never a necessity for Barron because the few females he had dated over the years were only with him for all of the wrong reasons. Not finding a female worthy enough to call his, he settled with an occasional fling here and there to fulfill his sexual needs. With his deep-rooted trust issues he chose to turn his career into a family run operation. Trusting only those closest to him to surround him in his constant rise to greatness, which includes his two childhood friends. Attending his own birthday bash is where he meets an unfamiliar face after seeing the same broads at every party. Something is different from her drink of choice, the way she carries herself, and the conversation she has with him. Unfortunately for him he can’t be so sure after being hoodwinked with the good girl act in the past. Allowing the night to end in bliss was entirely up to her but when an equipment malfunction occurs, he is forced to view their dealings differently.

When the imaginary pull between these two unsuspecting singles is so strong along with fate’s help, these two are destined to be a team but will it be for a season, a reason, or for a lifetime?

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