The First Lady’s Choice


First Lady Megan Foster is faced with the realization that forever may not be set in stone. All unions may possibly end due to unanticipated events.

The forever vow of ‘for better or for worst,’ has been put to the ultimate test. Betrayal lies, and secrets will become apparent as the wool is slowly being removed from her eyes. Wolves pretending to be holy, their protective layers will be peeled away slowly. Revealing all of their true colors and every dirty deed will be brought before a judge.

All the while temptations rumble too close for comfort. A thought of ‘the devil’s advocate with the apple,’ causes Megan to put a pause on a close friendship. However, those she may push away may be the only leaning post left when the rubble clears from the destruction.

Everything is not always as it seems and Megan is about to get the rudest awakening yet.

Can that faithful light clear the rose tent to Megan’s glasses? After all, what is done in the dark certainly shall come to the light eventually.





8 thoughts on “The First Lady’s Choice

  1. I think the cover is dope. Getting excited over here.

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  2. Add me to the “can’t wait to read” list

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    Liked by 1 person

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