***Excerpt*** Syd's Wolf Den


“Fancy meeting you here,” a deep voice said a little closer than I would have preferred.

“If you don’t step back, your nuts will meet my fist next.” I threatened before I turned completely around.

“Same ole slick tongue, I see.” A guy named Gary stated with a smirk.

“Same ole creepy ass tendencies, I see.”

“Damn girl, why are you so mean? I thought we were better than that.”

“If I were so mean then why are you over here in my space?”

“Cause, I missed your mean ass.”

“I doubt that.”

“I have and you would know that if you would have answered any of my calls.”

“I’ve been busy.”

“I never thought I would see the day when you would settle down.”

“Who said I have settled down? What are you even doing here?”

“A homeboy of mine is the manager of a nearby hotel and invited me to come down. I saw some familiar vests that belong in your area and thought why not look around. Something told me you might be here and here you are.”

“Isn’t that great.”

“It’s like that now? I see you.” Gary smirked. “What biker got you on a leash?”

“What the fuck do I look like,” I glowered. Gary didn’t know how accurate he was with that statement. Only thing was, Wolf didn’t place a leash on me as much as I couldn’t seem to get over him. How did you get over somebody that you were never officially under?

Just as that thought came to mind, I happened to look up and see a bitch with red weave bent over in front of him. It wasn’t the attention that he was getting that bothered me, it was the fact that I was bothered at all.

“It would seem that you are off-limits but if that isn’t the case, I suggest having a private discussion for old times’ sake.” Just as he said that Wolf looked directly at me from where he was being groped. To show that I wasn’t bothered, I gave him a smirk and turned back towards Gary. With my flirtometer turned to the max, I all but forced myself to snap out of it. Wolf avoided me like I had trashy pussy or something anyway. He shouldn’t be affected by me moving forward. Not that I was trying to make him jealous but why sit around in need if I didn’t have to.  

“I don’t recall doing much talking before when you made those monthly deliveries.”

“I didn’t say anything about our lips doing the talking.”

“Now that you mention lips, I do remember your lips giving my lower ones some attention once or twice.”

“You can sit on my face anytime you choose but you stopped choosing.”

“Things happen, are you going to continue to bring that up. If so, I’m sure I can scout out other means of satisfaction for the night.”

“I doubt any can do it like me.” He boasted and I fought like hell to not roll my eyes at him. Out of all the brave souls that have approached me this weekend, Gary was the safest bet. By far was he who I craved but he would due for now. “What’s your room number?”

“I’m sharing a room with my girlfriend. Where are you staying?” Someone snickered from behind me, but I didn’t dare look to see who.

“Your girlfriend?” He questioned with hopeful eyes. “Shit, what’s up then?”

“Not that type of girlfriend and that ain’t gonna happen.” Finally, he gave me the room number for the motel next door. The shit was ratty, but I needed a nut and he would have to do.

“So, who are you sharing a room with?” Nix asked.

“Shut it up,” I laughed.

“Isn’t that the liquor delivery guy?” Dez asked.

“Yep, the one and only. He is safe because he doesn’t live anywhere near Lincoln.”

“I knew he looked familiar,” double D’s responded.

“I’m about to get really familiar with his face in just a little bit.”

“Yes bitch, let me ride that donkey – donkey!” Nix sang. The girls all high-fived.

“Ladies, what are we celebrating?” AC joined our little celebration.

“Facetime appointments,” Nix stated while batting her eyelashes.

“Ah shit, I can definitely go for some Facetime.” He remarked. “You gotta give to receive baby.”

“I’m more into the headhunters myself,” Reno commented.

“Sorry boo, I don’t shit where I eat. You already know the drill.” Nix smiled.

“I’m not asking you to shit, that’s for damn sure.”

“Bet, how about I don’t cum there either.”

“That is too bad,” he rubbed his hands together.

“Technically, we aren’t at home right now,” Reno said.

“Technicalities,” I commented.

“If I’m not mistaken, I just performed last night at the local club. I highly doubt that either of you missed that killer show.”

“You right? We were there.”

“So, you see – I was working. This is a business trip for me no matter which way you crumble the cookies.”

“Are y’all over here bothering these ladies?” Black suddenly appeared.

“Never that, we were just discussing the crumble of cookies and Facetime visits.”

“Do I even want the full breakdown of that?” He asked.

“Probably not but it is self-explanatory in a salacious kinda way,” Nix explained in a tone far from innocent.

“No further explanation required then,” he chuckled. They somehow drifted off into another conversation all together. Soon the guys wondered off to parts unknown.

“What was that tone and look all about?” I asked Nix.

“What are you talking about?” She feigned innocence.

“Fuck that, you were all syrupy sweet and shit.” Debra cackled.

“Bitch, I think I heard her purr,” Deloris added with a high five to her twin.

“If uncle Black wasn’t the uncle type, baby.” Dez cooed.

“You need to worry about white chocolate easing his way into our fold.” Nix tipped her head towards Ethan who indeed was closing in on Miss Destiny. Too bad that child didn’t stand a chance against my cousin, but he didn’t need to know that. With the way Cage has been silently brooding behind his shades, someone is about to get the full business.

“You think she will actually follow through with it?” Nix asked after Dez left to supposedly give Ethan a taste.

“I don’t know, she seems awfully determined.”

“Speaking of determined, you really going through with your little meet up.”

“Of course, a girl got needs.”

“We all do but with him?”

“What’s wrong with Gary? He’s familiar and he isn’t associated with any of the boys from the club.” I tried to convince myself more than Nix. It was kind of creepy for him to pop up out of nowhere and he has been blowing up my line lately.

“That you know of, look I’m not blocking I just don’t trust him. I was just joking around when I was encouraging the Facetime visit with that joker. He is a no Bueno.”

“My sentiments exactly.” AC popped his ass up like popcorn again.

“Dammit, you are like a bag of microwave popcorn. Where the hell did you come from?”

“I just so happened to be passing by on my way to a meeting of the mind appointment, if you caught that.”

“We caught it.”

“Good, now cancel that shit. Oh boy is a fucking creeper and this was supposed to be a fun trip.”

“We are having fun, what’s the big deal?” I exclaimed. “To sit my sexy ass on his face for a joyride would be even more fun.”

“It won’t be much fun when the Prez finds out that we gotta murk a muthafucka because he stepped out of bounds.”

“So now you are threatening to tell daddy Cage on me? Seriously?”

“I’m being serious, Syd. Don’t do this.” AC said void of all humor.

“I’m with AC boo, him popping up was too much of a coincidence.”

“Fine, I won’t go.” I sighed. Seeing as though they were convinced, I concocted another plan to get the deed done discreetly. Nix would be leaving for the club soon and AC had a prior engagement. Gary was going to help me out of my rut and then I will be good to resist the urge to tempt Wolf again. His dick may not get wet, I will just make up an excuse to leave once I got mine. If I’m lucky, I can ride about two good ones out before I dip.

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