Mo’ Better


Gwendolyn “Gwen” Myers is a down to earth around the way girl that modern day society would call a tad overweight but luckily she doesn’t live by today’s thoughts on personal appearance. She loves her friends and family but she has a phobia of relationships. The only long term relationship that she values is the one she shares with her best friend since elementary school. The first real boyfriend/girlfriend type of relationship quickly turned sour when she realized that she was basically the butt of a cruel joke. When she finds out that her teenage crush has feelings for her as well will she let go and live or will she shut down and cancel Christmas?

Darryl “D” Rodgers thinks of himself as a straight forward no bullshit type of man. He is 33 years old and has no intentions of settling down with anyone short of the one girl he has had eyes on since his cousin started bringing her around 9 years ago. He knew he was too old at the age of 23 when they first met and he was hell bent on not becoming one of those old dudes that cruise the high schools trying to pick up little tenders. After all he is a grown man and is into grown men things so if it is meant to be it will be. Once the door opens to pursue this youngster when she is of age will he take a chance or did the moment pass?

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