What do y’all know about KING?

Synopsis to King…

Idris King is a twenty-six year old ebony god, at least that’s how the ladies refer to him as, who is London born and raised with a little something extra written on his family tree that is a well-kept secret from the human eye. He spends his days as the head of his retired father’s company and spends his nights fulfilling the desires of willing and able women that have no clue what lies beneath his smooth, tamed exterior. Yes, he definitely lives the life fit for a King with no intentions of appointing a Queen, to the disappointment of some of his conquests that wants to be his one and only. When Idris was asked to join his company with his father’s childhood friend in the states because he became ill with no heirs to fill his seat, Idris jumped at the opportunity. He already considers the man as family so he sees no problem with combining the two together plus it opens the door to explore some uncharted territory for his extracurricular needs. Once Idris meets the “one” that nature has appointed as his better half, will he ignore the strong pull that is most obvious to his inner beast or will he fall victim and succumb to the need to settle down with the exotic beauty?

Monica Monroe is a twenty-four year old loner who resides in the great state of Illinois and holds a prominent position as an Administrative Assistant for the owner of the top Security firm in the U.S. Monica has not always had it this easy being that she is a product of the Arkansas Foster Care system. As far as she cares her biological family doesn’t exist to her, they gave her up without a fight so why cry over spilled milk. Although she had to come through hell to become something, she isn’t bitter about her upbringing. Monica considers it as added ammunition to always strive for the best of the best. When her boss whom she looks up to as a father figure falls ill and combines his company with a long distance family member she is faced with the uncomfortable idea of her job being in jeopardy.  She has worked damn hard to get to where she is in the years she has put into this firm and she is determined to not go down without a fight. Once Monica meets her new boss she has a hard time concentrating on the work at hand, will she tuck her tail and run or will she stick it out no matter what obstacles come her way?


12 thoughts on “KING

  1. Please send me the password so I can read this story! ! Thanks!


    1. I apologize but this story is no longer available for free read for its undergoing editing for publication.


  2. Great idea to give photos of what you felt characters should look like. How do I get password to start my adventure?


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