Fate or Plight?


Darian Stewart is the beta of the strongest pack in the Northern hemisphere, under the direction of Idris King, who is also his longtime friend, brother, and alpha. After reaching the age, he was to find his mate; Darian longed to have that unbreakable bond he has always witnessed within his family and others around him. He yearned to have that one individual who is to love and care for his wellbeing until the end of time. However meeting his mate during an impromptu consultation, he was thrown off by her persistence at keeping their being mates a secret.

 Against his better judgement, he consents to such foolery only to wind up being made a FOOL of. When the truths are revealed and affairs made public, Darian is forced to deal with harsh realities and crucial decisions. Rejections presented, barely visible bonds severed, and a battered heart–Darian was left to fate’s intervening. Seeking comfort in another on an emotionally charged night will both be gratifying and confusing. Will Darian be acceptable to the changes present; will he swear off anything that deals with the mating bond forever?

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