***Excerpt*** Destiny’s Sweet Cage


That damn Syd is a mega bad influence in a major way. Somehow, she convinced me to speak with Cage about starting our own little group. She had been in contact with most of the ladies in or around the Knights. Apparently there are several of the old ladies, girlfriends, or former wives of some fallen bikers in the area that I knew nothing about. They all agreed to wanting to have a group of loyal chicks to hang with that didn’t judge their chosen lifestyle.

Don’t I know how hypocritical some folks could be when something is not in alliance with what they have going on. William and his sons snubbed their noses at me enough for my choice of associates. Too many people around town judged the Knights and accused them of being bad news. Aside from the few bad seeds that were plucked from the club, they were some honorable men. The day that Cage gave me a rundown of how they operate business wise, I wanted to be a hard ass and believe the worst. When I actually listened to what he had to say and dissect it, I realized that William had other motives for warning me against them.

Now that I have gotten to know them and formed actual relationships outside from who I was sleeping with, I love them like family. However, the love I have for Cage would not be incest because I definitely don’t see him as a brother. Respectable family members don’t screw the way we have or the way I dream about. But would I tear some shit up for him if anyone tried to hurt him, you bet your ass. No one had better think of talking down about him or the club in my presence. Cage was an asshole, but he was my asshole, he just didn’t know it.

“We laughing to ourselves now,” Syd asked. I hadn’t even realized that I laughed out loud. “What’s on your mind sister? Do tell.”

“Nothing girl, my mind is playing tricks on me.”

“Shit, I need a trick to take the edge off.” She laughed. The drinks that we have consumed must have kicked in something serious for her to say that out loud. Then again Syd did say whatever came to her mind.

“Don’t I know it,” I grumbled lowly.

“Bitch please, you got all that man trying to give you the full business and you playing.”

“Shit, that man has been gawking you all damn night long.” One of the other ladies commented and everyone that was sitting in our group high fived each other.

“Tell her Syd,” Ethan popped up out of nowhere. I swear it was like he had a beacon on my ass. “I’ve been trying to break her off, but she is playing.”

“Speaking of the devil, damn.” Another one said and winked at me. She didn’t even tell me he was creeping up on our conversation. All these bitches were against me and my wavering resolve to keep shit friendly with his ass.

“Boy, ain’t nobody playing with your ass.”

“I think she is scared.” Syd jested.

“Me too,” everyone chorused.

“Fuck all y’all, ain’t shit to be scared of,” I waved them off.

“That sounds like a challenge.” He said.

“Or a dare,” someone else said.

“No challenge and damn sure no dare, I’m simply stating facts.” I lied. Shit that would most definitely be a challenge, a dare for sure and I was scared as shit to get involved with another person. Knowing where my heart resides, fooling with someone else would only cause unnecessary chaos, for me anyway. And in the off chance that Ethan was actually serious about me, I would no doubt fuck him over.

“Nah, me fucking your life up is a fact. The rumor that white boys ain’t packing some heat is all false, fact. I have been aching to fuck your head up since I first laid eyes on you, big facts. Wanting you to take the throne, big-big facts.” He smirked each time he checked some shit off his imaginary list of facts. “Knowing you are hung up on another muthafucka and still wanting a chance to steal your attention, major facts. Even if it’s for a little while,” Ethan said smoothly.

“Gotdamn…” Syd fanned herself.


“Well dayum…”

“Ahh sooky-sooky now!” All kinds of responses sounded off from whoever that was in earshot of his admission and I couldn’t have agreed more with each of them. That level of concentration definitely made me a little warm. Cage wasn’t thinking about me one way or another. This fine ass dude has been nothing but a friend outside of the flirting. What was the hold up? Maybe I should…But what if…Dammit, I’m so conflicted.

“Don’t think about it too hard. I’m gonna get up with some of my boys. If you decide to take me up on my offer of a distraction, leave a key for me at the desk. No pressure.” The face he gave me let me know just how serious he was by his suggestion. Ethan is normally all smirks, smiles, and full of jokes – this was a dead serious man on a mission. “Let me apply the pressure, privately.” He leaned down and whispered close to my ear. A shiver raced down my spine and I knew it was time to excuse myself. The lacy top that I wore was about to tell on me. Since leaving Lincoln weeks ago, I have been battling an extreme level of horniness. This interlude was not helping matters one bit.

“Sister, I want to be a bad influence so bad right now.” Syd laughed and growled with her fists in the air.

“I don’t even know what your hang up is and I want to shake some sense into you.” An older lady named Deloris laughed and high fived her twin sister Debra.

“Tell her Deloris, you better hop on that smooth face and take your place on the throne.” Tanisha was a stripper from Lincoln that headlined at one of the local clubs. She was spending her off time with us. “He looks like a man that enjoys a good waterboarding experience.”

“What the fuck is a waterboarding experience?” The older women asked.

“Baby, I asked the same damn thing when he brought it up the first time I met him.” Syd laughed. “That boy is a pure freak.”

“You know a man that will force you to gush all over the place. While you gush and soak up some shit, he will gladly clean it up.” Tanisha explained.

“Fuck it Dez, if you don’t hop on that shit – I will.” Deloris cackled.

“Chile, who are you telling. Shit, I have yet to find somebody that can eat pussy properly.”

“Full facial packed with powerful nutrients,” Deloris and Debra said in unison like they practiced for a commercial.

“None of y’all are making this any easier,” I laughed at the commentary.

“Hell, I wasn’t trying to.” Debra said. “Is that what we were supposed to be doing?” Deloris asked.

“Shit if so, EPIC FAIL!” Tanisha laughed and everyone joined in.

“I can’t lie and say that I am not tempted.”

“I can tell,” she gestured down to my hardened nipples and the laughter started all over again.

“What a time to wear a shear top trying to be all sexy and shit.” I grinned.

“Luckily for you everybody out here is dressed to attract the bees cause your honeycombs are screaming suck me.” Syd winked.

“I hate y’all so much right now.”

“No, you don’t and that’s cool too.” She shrugged. “Hell, you want me to take your spot. Ethan’s giant ass can knock the bottom out of my shit if you aren’t up for the challenge.” The other ladies volunteered by raising their hands too.

“Serious girl, you think if the room stays dark, he will notice the difference?” Deloris asked.

“Two is better than one any day, the lights don’t even matter.” Her twin chimed in.

“You know what, I didn’t think about that.” We all looked at each other in deep thought for a few seconds before we fell out laughing again.

A quick scan around the pool area and I realized that Cage was missing in action. Obviously, he found his conquest for the night. It was probably the hoe that approached when we were over there discussing the startup of our own group. Why was I sitting here pouting again? Not that this was a game of who could and who couldn’t, but I might as well get mine too. What would the harm be in letting loose for a change?

“Fuck it!” I swore out loud and took my final shot to the head like a pro.

“Oh shit!” Syd started to twerk in her seat. “She is going for it.”

Why the fuck not? What did I have to lose? Nothing, but a friend I thought as I walked towards the desk. What if it didn’t change anything? Harmless fucking with no emotions involved, could I do that? Hell yeah, I knew where my heart wanted to be, and it wasn’t with Ethan.

“How may I help you ma’am?” The desk clerk asked.

“Yes, I need to leave a message for a friend.”

“Name?” The knowing smile on her face told me she knew exactly what I was doing.

“Ethan Hammond.”

Find out whether Destiny got her swerve on or not…

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