Denver’s Deception


Dangerously arousing, Wood was the VP of the Lincoln Black Knights MC. He was considered as the silent threat that could melt away panties with his signature smirk while simultaneously evoking fear of the unknown. The local thot pockets were played out and lacked appeal, leaving him to appease his occasional lust attacks far away from home. His limited options for release led to a one-night encounter with a feisty bartender during a business transaction in Denton.

Because duty was calling, their night was brief but temporarily filled a void. Though their wild night was cut short the enigmatic beauty continued to plague his head as the other one throbbed with need. Upon returning to Lincoln, he finds out about the new resident in need of safety. However, he was not prepared to see the tight orifice that made him contemplate whether a repeat performance was a good idea.

Fleeing from the only place she once called home, Denver stumbles right into the middle of an organizational feud. Refusing to be a mule or abused any further, Denver chose homelessness over so-called family. No matter how hard she tried to avoid the mess, she also never considered being ensnared by the dark knight known as Wood. However, when her truths are revealed despite her intent, the firing squad is amped and ready to take aim.

With Wood leading the charge, Denver is forced to rip away the painful scabs of her past facing the firing squad head-on. How will Wood choose to deal with Denver’s deception? Will he allow his heart to decide or the Executioner that exists within?

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