Crown Royal on Ice (Chronicles)


A marriage faces many trials, tribulations, tests, and temptations on a daily basis. So many people fall in love with the idea of being married just to hear the words, ‘I’s married now.’ To say they cuffed or locked another individual down for bragging rights and so many other reasons that don’t amount to a hill of beans. In the end, do the same individuals do everything that it takes to stay married? Once the luster wears off, will they go to every extreme to keep the one that they supposedly love? Will love be enough?
A real marriage is based on several different components and of course sexual encounters shouldn’t be the main one. However, intimacy is very important in becoming one body, one soul, and overall oneness with each other. Intimacy is more than just bumping and grinding. It should be more than just reaching the finish line. Crown Royal on Ice will only scratch the surface of some marital woes many married couples face on a day-to-day basis.

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