Cask & Cream (NEW)

Diehard workaholic Yvette Devereux is fighting the urge to want more from her occasional fling. Grant is the typical international playboy enjoying his wealth, the attention he receives from women, and life in general. Being introduced to Grant at a networking affair, Vette instantly knew she wanted to take a test drive on the Harley before her. Using his long dirty blonde hair as the handlebars to guide the movements; she was mentally raping the man.

The fact that he was extremely tall and well-built sent a jolt to her vagina for sure. Bright blue eyes, fully grown beard, and huge presence had every woman in the ballroom gawking. Evidently, it was not a new event for such attention for he was soaking it up; the cockiness he exuded filled the air around.

Will these two set all business aside to wager a profitable merger of hearts?

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