Black’s Heart


The intoxicating widower, Craig Black was also known as the money man of the Lincoln Black Knights MC. Between balancing the books throughout the business ventures owned by the club and his own construction company – his hands were full. With little time to visit out of town venues, the beast within stumbled upon a suitable treat. Still, the stalking, walking, rambunctious beauty he wanted to possess fought their invisible pull for personal reasons that he’d yet to uncover. Because of his dominant nature, pussyfooting is not an option. Not many women were open to becoming a true submissive, but he had an inkling that Nix was different.

Often being the voice of reason when it pertains to his brothers, the personal battles that plague his heart remain a constant reminder of his past. Suffering a tragic loss because of petty jealousy and betrayal lead to him eventually forging a new life in Lincoln. Those painful life experiences are the reasons for his hardened demeanor.

The Black Dom and the seductive Nix will clash in the worst way until he must rise up as the knight in armor to soothe her broken spirit. When evil follows her to Lincoln in hopes to collect a handsome reward, the Knights and Lady Knights gear up for war? No one messes with one of their own and lives.

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