Austin’s Desire


Austin James is a 30-year-old Financial Manager at his family’s car dealership. His father has dreams of his oldest son taking over the family business but that thought couldn’t be further from reality. Austin has no intentions of running the family business but his own ranch is another story entirely. He enjoys spending his free time focusing on his ranch and continuing in its current success thanks to his very competent workers. Austin has a preference that his family thought would be just a phase so they constantly steer him in the direction they prefer he stay with. One night out away from his normal surroundings he catches a glimpse of the most graceful, elegant beauty with the most enticing light brown eyes. What is it about her that made him shut out the entire scene around him? How can he quench his thirst for Desire?

Deja Campbell is a 26-year-old free-spirited fitness instructor who operates her own workout and dance facility. She enjoys her single life a bit too much or so her best friends and sisters who are married with children would say. Unfortunately she doesn’t agree with that too much statement, she rather enjoys the freedom of not having put too much into a relationship and not being able to trust that it will stand the test of time. A horrifying breakup in college turned her opinion on romance or ever having a happily ever after died with the heartbreak from the embarrassment her ex, Marcus caused. Even though it’s extremely cliché but currently love doesn’t live here anymore.

When these two unsuspecting unattached individuals from two different walks of life meet what will the outcome of their brief first encounter be?

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