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# Loveless Adjustments Synopsis

Life presents an incredible opportunity when Cecily McKinley discovers a relationship altering secret. With her engagement down the drain, Cecily is eager to start her life away from her socialite … Continue reading # Loveless Adjustments Synopsis

#Loveless Adjustments Chapter 1

Cecily McKinley Exhausted is the word that best describes how I am feeling at this moment. The events of last night fall into the category of disastrous. Sure enough, it … Continue reading #Loveless Adjustments Chapter 1

#Loveless Adjustments Chapter 2

“You are too pretty to frown so much,” Cecily heard from behind her. “Excuse me,” she sighed. Cecily only gave a cursory scowl over her shoulder before she continued to … Continue reading #Loveless Adjustments Chapter 2

***Excerpt IP***

“Mr. Mucciono?” She’d called him two times before she heard ice clink in a glass. Tip-toeing further into the room, she called him again. He still didn’t answer. “Antonio, please … Continue reading ***Excerpt IP***

***Excerpt Love Drug***

Warning: Adult Content, Sexual, Vulgar language  Brock… I released my soldiers into the condom and finally grudgingly pulled out and her juices started spilling out. Then she fell forward no … Continue reading ***Excerpt Love Drug***

***Excerpt Mo’ Better***

Warning Adult Content  “What’s up cuz?” I answered my phone for my little cousin, Nikki.  “Hey Darryl.” She replied but I can tell something is wrong.  “What’s wrong?”  “Why…”  “Don’t … Continue reading ***Excerpt Mo’ Better***

***Excerpt Questionable Intentions***

Questionable Intentions “Aye lady what are you doing over there?” I answered the phone walking out of the room where the music was playing at so I could hear. The … Continue reading ***Excerpt Questionable Intentions***

***Excerpt*** BLAZING

***EXCERPT*** Cask & Cream

  Cask & Cream “Grant O’Hare, allow me to introduce Yvette Devereux.” “Mrs. Devereux, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.” “You as well, Mr. O’Hare.” Vette smoothly replied not … Continue reading ***EXCERPT*** Cask & Cream


When life seems to throw the biggest curve ball, where do you go? How do you dodge it? Where is your safe haven? When the chips seem to fall in all the wrong places, who are you supposed to run to?


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