Secret Admirer COMING SOON!!!

It's been a long time, I shouldn't of left you... without a dope book to read from... (Eric B. & Rakim – I Know You Got Soul) Secret Admirer is the newest off the chopping block for me. This is a suspenseful romance with a creepy beginning. The lead role will be tossed from one … Continue reading Secret Admirer COMING SOON!!!


Tenacious Tuesday

"Over the years, I made a million and one bad decisions. Admittingly so, I have done some questionable things but I repented to whom it counts to the most. Gratefulness flows freely from me on a daily basis that the Lord sent his son to die for my sins. The sad part is that others won't let you forget where you went wrong. Therefore where you try to look forward to positively, they choose to live in the past and they want you to reside there with them."