The Lincoln Black Knights MC Series

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This series is a collection of 5 books that takes place in a rural area in Tennessee. The bikers and the women that love them go through a series of events to come out on the right side of love. There will be petty jealousy, romance, and explicit encounters that will surely have you clutching your pearls. Suffer no more, get into madness and see what the fuss is all about.

Defying Destiny

After the tragic loss of her boyfriend Maze, Destiny Oliver was painted as a bitter snitching chick left in his wake. Though she was given the rarest honor, ‘The First Lady’ of the cutthroat motorcycle club outside of Nashville Tennessee, a lot of folks weren’t as accepting to her presence. Jealousy fueled damages are done in hopes of breaking Dez down to nothing inside and out.

Whereas her father tried to warn her that her affiliation with the Lincoln Black Knights was dangerous, she didn’t believe that all of them were creeps. The night of Maze’s homegoing celebration, Destiny is faced with the ultimate betrayal from being associated with the club. A foreign threat to the area causes a mandatory shut down to occur for all members and affiliates of the society despite her skittish behavior towards the compound.

In a heated interaction with the president, she is forced to deal with the indiscretion’s that she faced. Dez made a promise to take her secrets to the grave, but Cage has other expectations as he demands the full details. No one tells Cage no and she is no exception. When the discoveries are revealed entirely, they both are determined to defy destiny and protect the integrity of the organization as well as themselves.

Will Destiny find safety and solitude in Cage’s care or is she fated to rebel against all demands pertaining to the Lincoln Black Knights MC?

Destiny’s Sweet Cage

Destiny drove away from Lincoln Folks and Cage with a heavy heart. He’d thrown any hopes of being more than what they had grown to be out the window without a backward glance. Little did many knows; she had no plans of ever returning because there was nothing left for her anymore. While searching for her purpose, she found something quite meaningful that she never thought was possible – a family. Discovering who her father truly is will help her grow in many ways. The many obstacles that stood to take her out will be crushed by the new determined and strong-willed Dez.

Cage is an ominous creature of habit with a tough interior and exterior. His combative ego and bruising tongue have threatened any semblance of love from Destiny. Though he was a hard nut to crack, he had a hidden passion for her that no one could combat. After she abruptly fled Lincoln Folks, Cage busied himself ridding his mind of anything pertaining to Dez. He has no way of competing with the type of man that she deserves. Sweet, compassionate, and gentle were the last words used to describe the hardcore asshole that was him.

Many close to them both refuse to take his willingness to remain single to heart or her ability to deflect any talks of reconciliation. Cage and Destiny appear to be the only souls that can’t see the inevitable. When a business opportunity arises in Lincoln for Destiny, how will she balance her newfound independence and Cage’s lingering obsession for her sweets?

Syd’s Wolf Den

Certified tomboy Sydni spoke how she felt at all times and proclaimed war against anyone who attempted to check her. Many accused her of being callous but those that she considered as family loved her and her mouth. Past hurt of being neglected by her father and let down by men in general, she was a free spirit who dodged long term commitments like flying bullets. Sydni’s sharp tongue and crass vocabulary led people to believe that she was loose, free-loving. The truth was, Syd had yet to find a man worthy of her attention for longer than a hot minute. That is until the Knight’s prospect, Wolf walked into the bar she managed.

Whereas Syd really had no preference when it came to flirt with men, the ones who were gifted with a dip in her whirlpool did not resemble him. Tall, light-bright, and quiet was the exact opposite of what she was. Either way, Wolf was the epitome of indifferent and would appear to care less whether she was throwing the panties at him seriously or for play. A dumb ass attempt to make him jealous during Blacktober fest was foiled when too many drinks were consumed, and Syd wound up overplaying her hand. Conceding that she just may not be his type, she is given a heated dose of the energy that she constantly pumped in his direction. Immediately afterwards, Wolf retreats back to his normal stance of blasé.

Left confused and conflicted, Syd vows to get some answers by any means necessary. Truth be damned, she had a craving to tie the young Knight up in her Wolf’s Den until he submits to the sexy seductress that she aims to be.

Denver’s Deception

Dangerously arousing, Wood was the VP of the Lincoln Black Knights MC. He was considered as the silent threat that could melt away panties with his signature smirk while simultaneously evoking fear of the unknown. The local thot pockets were played out and lacked appeal, leaving him to appease his occasional lust attacks far away from home. His limited options for release led to a one-night encounter with a feisty bartender during a business transaction in Denton.

Because duty was calling, their night was brief but temporarily filled a void. Though their wild night was cut short the enigmatic beauty continued to plague his head as the other one throbbed with need. Upon returning to Lincoln, he finds out about the new resident in need of safety. However, he was not prepared to see the tight orifice that made him contemplate whether a repeat performance was a good idea.

Fleeing from the only place she once called home, Denver stumbles right into the middle of an organizational feud. Refusing to be a mule or abused any further, Denver chose homelessness over so-called family. No matter how hard she tried to avoid the mess, she also never considered being ensnared by the dark knight known as Wood. However, when her truths are revealed despite her intent, the firing squad is amped and ready to take aim.

With Wood leading the charge, Denver is forced to rip away the painful scabs of her past facing the firing squad head-on. How will Wood choose to deal with Denver’s deception? Will he allow his heart to decide or the Executioner that exists within?

Black’s Heart

The intoxicating widower, Craig Black was also known as the money man of the Lincoln Black Knights MC. Between balancing the books throughout the business ventures owned by the club and his own construction company – his hands were full. With little time to visit out of town venues, the beast within stumbled upon a suitable treat. Still, the stalking, walking, rambunctious beauty he wanted to possess fought their invisible pull for personal reasons that he’d yet to uncover. Because of his dominant nature, pussyfooting is not an option. Not many women were open to becoming a true submissive, but he had an inkling that Nix was different.

Often being the voice of reason when it pertains to his brothers, the personal battles that plague his heart remain a constant reminder of his past. Suffering a tragic loss because of petty jealousy and betrayal lead to him eventually forging a new life in Lincoln. Those painful life experiences are the reasons for his hardened demeanor.

The Black Dom and the seductive Nix will clash in the worst way until he must rise up as the knight in armor to soothe her broken spirit. When evil follows her to Lincoln in hopes to collect a handsome reward, the Knights and Lady Knights gear up for war? No one messes with one of their own and lives.

The best part about reading a completed series, you don’t have to wait for the next book to drop. Don’t waste any more time, dive into this intoxicating set of stories.

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