New Release!!!

Happy Holidays! Happy Holidays! Happy Holidays!

My first ever Novella is available and ready to entertain you. I have always wanted to write one but always chicken out when the time comes. This year has been my year to redeem myself and come back from the disappointing slump that I fell into.

Allow me to introduce, The Christmas Grind!


From his former crush to her current lust, practical strangers Jeffrey and Tamela have a past that only one of them is aware of when they meet after years of living different lives. Though Tamela was considered as one of the popular kids, she despised their bullying actions. Having outgrown their silly taunts of yesteryear, Jeffrey comes face to face with the chocolate angel that stole his heart many moons ago. Introducing her to the success story that overcame those torturous teen years became his obsession as he lavished her with the love he always dreamed of.

Single mother Tamela Scott is finding it hard to give her daughter everything she wants and more for Christmas when her teacher’s salary only covers the monthly expenses. Taking on a part-time job as a barista at a popular coffee shop, she meets the gorgeous attorney Jeffrey Stanford. Only after awkward commentary over the origin of his name did he reveal that he was also the owner of Common Grind. From that day to the next, Tamela tried to ignore the many inappropriate lustful thoughts that she had about her boss turned friend.

When their past tormentor comes back to start some unnecessary drama, Jeff attempts to distract her but the building lust between them takes over blurring the lines of friends and lovers. Can Tamela see past her trust issues to let Jeff show her the love she lacks or did him withholding valuable information ruin his chances?

Thank you to all the faithful readers that still rock with me. Looking forward to your reviews and thoughts. Please pass the word. Your sharing truly shows that you care.

Much Love,


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