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While writing Defying Destiny, I quickly figured out that there was more to this story than just one book. There are several pieces that need to be revealed in order to let The Knights rest on the shelf. I do hope you all are up for the challenge. Though I plan to write each book where they can be read as standalones, they also have some connections.

In the past, I would give some sort of character reference or a general idea of how I see these wonderful voices inside of my head. Today I am going to re-share that vision with you.

Have you read Defying Destiny yet?

Part Two of Cage & Destiny’s story has been out for a few weeks now. The characters are the same but if you have completed book one, you already know the ending left some people on edge.


Destiny drove away from Lincoln Folks and Cage with a heavy heart. He’d thrown any hopes of being more than what they had grown to be out the window without a backward glance. Little did many knows; she had no plans of ever returning because there was nothing left for her anymore. While searching for her purpose, she found something quite meaningful that she never thought was possible – a family. Discovering who her father truly is will help her grow in many ways. The many obstacles that stood to take her out will be crushed by the new determined and strong-willed Dez.

Cage is an ominous creature of habit with a tough interior and exterior. His combative ego and bruising tongue have threatened any semblance of love from Destiny. Though he was a hard nut to crack, he had a hidden passion for her that no one could combat. After she abruptly fled Lincoln Folks, Cage busied himself ridding his mind of anything pertaining to Dez. He has no way of competing with the type of man that she deserves. Sweet, compassionate, and gentle were the last words used to describe the hardcore asshole that was him.

Many close to them both refuse to take his willingness to remain single to heart or her ability to deflect any talks of reconciliation. Cage and Destiny appear to be the only souls that can’t see the inevitable. When a business opportunity arises in Lincoln for Destiny, how will she balance her newfound independence and Cage’s lingering obsession for her sweets?

Character References

This is my vision of CAGE, the president of The Lincoln Black Knights MC.

Joshua Benoit

Destiny also known as DEZ, minus the tattoos but this is the visual for me.

Keyshia Cole

Wood doesn’t say much but his silence speaks volumes if that makes sense.

Thomas Q. Jones

Last but not least Syd.


If you have not started this series, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on these intriguing reads. This new crew is moving right along, finding love and acceptance for each one of them. Next up to bat is Sydni & Wolf. Won’t you join us…

Defying Destiny Synopsis & Excerpt

Destiny’s Sweet Cage Excerpt

Syd’s Wolf Den Coming Soon!

Until next time,


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