Effective Communication

Effective communication only works when you have something the receiver wants. At one point, books were my thing because books gave me life. It still does to this day because it is my gifted profession. Books truly are a business. But suddenly my business began to suffer. I can only imagine it is a reflection of the brief hiatus or the needed time that I took off from writing. Either way, I am attempting to get back into the swing of things by any means. Any and all suggestions or comments are welcomed.


How many of you actually open newsletters when sent to your email? No lie, there are a lot of sites that I have signed up for newsletters either for free stuff or to stay updated. Some I open, others I do not.

Lately, I have noticed that a few people that were on my mailing list have unsubscribed. Assumedly, I figured it was because there has been limited contact or I haven’t reported anything of interest to them.


Text alerts seem to be the new ‘IT’ thing in keeping readers, customers, and subscribers updated on new content. How often do you subscribe to TEXT ALERTS? And do you find them useful?


Social media used to be very beneficial in promoting, interacting with readers, and most importantly spreading the good news. With each change implemented by popular platforms, it has become harder and harder to reach readers who want to connect. How many of you get more ads on social media than actual posts relevant to what interests you?

Though the saying goes, ‘ain’t nothing changed but the date,’ unfortunately for some businesses things change everyday. The book business is no exception to the rule. From the increase of indie authors out here to the attention of the readers, business has definitely changed. My goal going forward is to reach as many readers as possible and pray that they spread the word to others.


So many people depend on the next persons approval or opinion before they try anything new. I am like this with food and music. Even then, I tend to hesitate a moment or two longer before I take the plunge. Sadly, my attention span is limited. If I don’t commit to something in the moment, if I’m not reminded about it, I will forget.

Throughout all the years that I have been in this business, it has been proven that all of the above options work great for some and others, not so much. The only one I have yet to try is text alerts. There are so many options and apps to choose from, we will see what happens.

If you have not signed up to receive updates through newsletters, please click the link and fill out the form. http://eepurl.com/dDgL9n

To sign up for SMS alerts please text soulfulreads to 50597 or sign up at the following link. https://mobile-text-alerts.com/soulfulreads

I look forward to interacting with you all further and gaining newbies in the process. I have so many exciting things to come.


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  1. That is definitely an effective way to communicate.

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