Teaser Tuesday

While writing Defying Destiny, I quickly figured out that there was more to this story than just one book. There are several pieces that need to be revealed in order to let The Knights rest on the shelf. I do hope you all are up for the challenge. Though I plan to write each book where they can be read as standalones, they also have some connections.

In the past, I would give some sort of character reference or a general idea of how I see these wonderful voices inside of my head. Today I am going to share that vision with you.

Are you ready?

This is my vision of CAGE, the president of The Lincoln Black Knights MC.

Joshua Benoit

Destiny also known as DEZ, minus the tattoos but this is the visual for me.

Keyshia Cole

Wood doesn’t say much but his silence speaks volumes if that makes sense.

Thomas Q. Jones

Last but not least Syd.


Have you read Defying Destiny yet?

If not, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on this intriguing read. The series is rolling and the next installment will be released Thursday, October 24. Grab your copy today.


After the tragic loss of her boyfriend Maze, Destiny Oliver was painted as a bitter snitching chick left in his wake. Though she was given the rarest honor, ‘The First Lady’ of the cutthroat motorcycle club outside of Nashville Tennessee, a lot of folks weren’t as accepting to her presence. Jealousy fueled damages are done in hopes of breaking Dez down to nothing inside and out.

Whereas her father tried to warn her that her affiliation with the Lincoln Black Knights was dangerous, she didn’t believe that all of them were creeps. The night of Maze’s homegoing celebration, Destiny is faced with the ultimate betrayal from being associated with the club. A foreign threat to the area causes a mandatory shut down to occur for all members and affiliates of the society despite her skittish behavior towards the compound.

In a heated interaction with the president, she is forced to deal with the indiscretion’s that she faced. Dez made a promise to take her secrets to the grave, but Cage has other expectations as he demands the full details. No one tells Cage no and she is no exception. When the discoveries are revealed entirely, they both are determined to defy destiny and protect the integrity of the organization as well as themselves.

Will Destiny find safety and solitude in Cage’s care or is she fated to rebel against all demands pertaining to the Lincoln Black Knights MC?

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