Where are they now???

Many times when I complete a story, I can tell whether there is room for a spinoff or sequel to take place.

‘The First Lady’s Choice’ was no exception but I had to marinate on the idea and storyline. There was a good friend to the heroine and hero of that book by the name of Yvette Devereaux. This chick was all the way ride or die in the most professional manner. LOL…

My mind instantly latched on to the idea that she deserved love too but with her busy schedule how was I supposed to fit a man into the picture.

Low and behold stumbled Grant O’Hare, an equally hard working man all about his business with a little time for play.

Where I began to casually link these two up turned into something more rather quickly. With so many outside influences, how will they bypass the obstacles placed before them?

You will have to read to see where this tangled web of wills–will lead.

Still haven’t read The First Lady’s Choice, join in and find out a little about the supporting cast of Cask & Cream.

Though this book as labeled as a standalone, it can be read after reading TFLC for a little more clarity.

Hope to hear from you all soon with your reviews and comments.


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