Why I write Wednesday

So many thoughts… So many ideas… So much drama happens inside of my head. The stories that I conjure would drive some folks crazy from trying to mute the scenes out.

I was told once upon a time that “in order to love what I do, I have to do what I love.” I can’t lie, I love everything about books just as a football player loves football. Just as a basketball player eat, sleeps, & poops b-ball, I love the #authorlife, the #booklife.

Whether I’m deeply engrossed reading a book or I am knee-deep into writing one, the results are the same.

My survival is rooted to my happiness. Telling a story brings me happiness. Hearing a reader express their excitement towards reading or from a past read brings me joy. Reading reviews and seeing my rank change, it reminds me that this is far more than just a hobby. This is LIFE. This is my LIFE. BOOKS are a major part of my LIFE. BOOKS give me LIFE.

I always wanted to be a business owner, who knew that books would become my business. I never dreamed that I could reach true contentment but I’m learning every day to keep dreaming and believing. One day all will become a reality. Gotta start somewhere.

“Why not start today?”

Be blessed…


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