Why I write Wednesday…

I’ve told this story a million and one times but maybe a newbie to my world has no idea. I started writing years ago as an escape from real life. My imagination would take me on trips and put me in situations that was worthy to be shared. Simple as that, the birth of ‘Love Drug’ was dropped onto the scene. As the saying goes, ‘the rest is history’ was not entirely true in my case. The rest or shall I say the best has yet to come.

With each and every book, I have attempted to reach a different dimension. With each release since I began, I have tried to reach new heights in the drama, crime, emotions area while creating new storylines.

Throughout each genre that I approach, LOVE is never far from the equation. In the beginning, I would have been considered as an Urban Fiction writer. Since then, I would say that my place would be simply Romance with different sauces, seasoning, and added components thrown into the mix. My writing is synonymous to a pot of gumbo.

“Real life situations… Real emotions… Sexy interactions… Suspenseful… Engaging…”

Books that take you on a trip and back, books that will have you revisiting the scene to be sure you didn’t miss anything–this is the emotional rollercoaster that I enjoy so much.

The thrill of the ride is the reason I write. The tasteful explosion of flavors is the reason why I concoct such elaborate dishes.

Why do you read? What is it that draws you into a story?

Inquiring minds want to know…

Until next time,


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