It’s been a mighty long time…

It’s been a mighty long time…

Once upon a time,‘ is the famous line to begin many fairy tales. My live story days began with ‘Love Drug,’ ‘Mo’Better,’ ‘Questionable Intentions,’ ‘BLAZE,’ and so many more. I miss my live story days. I enjoy reading the thoughts of readers that take time out of their day to read ahead of publishing. Some times I do second guess myself or a story line that sounds good to me but I’m not quite sure if it only sounds good in my head.

It is always good to get a second and sometimes third opinion before pushing publish or if it should be published at all. I have so many possible stories that I am sitting on because I am not convinced that it will be a banger or not.

The first story off the chopping block is titled ‘Loveless Adjustments.’ This story only has one chapter, a synopsis, and I just created the cover for visual inspiration. Honestly, I believe that it may be a short story or novella. Only time will tell where exactly this story will lead, what will happen, and how it will end.

Do you want to know more? Do you want to be apart of the live fun?

Allow me to show you the way…

In order for those that would like updates on new chapters, please sign up for the appropriate newsletter. Live Reader Newsletter

I’m excited and I hope those that enjoy the live read/write experience will come along for the ride. LET’S GO!



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