Constantly, I strive to reinvent or reevaluate myself, my brand, my writing style, and every other aspect of my life period.

I have cut people, things, and some unrealistic dreams out of my life. Realization has taken up inside my head and made me analyze those parts of me that were not healthy for me. They deterred any forward progress and kept me living in a stagnant position.

I contemplated quitting this passion of writing on more than one occasion. The response to my work was not being recognized the way I envisioned… The recognition was not given the way I assumed it should… Countless dollars were spent on branching out but in the end it appeared to be nothing but a waste of time and energy.

After taking a much needed break from it all, I found peace within myself and my abilities to produce entertainment the way that made me who I am today.

Clarity comes from within, nothing and no one can acknowledge your greatness like yourself. 

Instead of seeking accolades and praise, I had to do some soul-searching. My past self constantly sought out praise for any and every thing that I did. After every accomplishment, I needed someone to say ‘great job’ or ‘I’m proud of you.’ My younger self and actions still lingered in the back of my mind but all my self-doubt has to stop here.

If I continue on the path of the past, I will never reach my full potential. With a positive outlook on life, I am yet a work in progress.

Instead of quoting the age old spiel of claiming a new me, I am claiming a revised version of me.

Much Love as Always,


4 thoughts on “I AM…

  1. I am so happy to hear your words. I have missed reading your posts as well as your books.
    You are an awesome writer. BLESSINGS AND PEACE


  2. Very encouraging and continue to provide wisdom with your words.


    1. This is great to hear for you and me. Your heart should be filled. I love it!!!!


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