Faithful Friday…

How faithful are you?

Faithful – loyal, constant, and steadfast.

There are so many different ways to use the word faithful. Faithful in a relationship, to yourself, to your religion, to your goals, faithful to your diet, and the list is pretty much endless. Our faithfulness to follow through with things will some times determine how likely we are to complete certain tasks. Our faithfulness can also determine how trustworthy we are in certain areas.

In order to complete goals we set, have a successful relationship we must stay constant.

When I first started writing, it was only to be an outlet. Basically a test to see where it would go and to relieve my brain of the constant movie reels that kept rolling. Over time the need and desire to write became like habit or addiction. I was constantly in the need of the next fix.

In the beginning, I would pump out three to four books a year before I began feeling drained. Being overly excited about this new passion caused me to burn myself out before my time. The work wasn’t always up to par but I continued. Then I started to get discouraged. I lost sight of the reason that I began this journey.

Writing is an outlet to express my imagination. My imagination is similar to an aquarium full of different types of fix and sea creatures. They tend to get inside of my head and duel for first place. Every story wants to be first out of the gate. Finally I took a break and listened to my heart. I needed to get my head on straight in order to accurately jot these visions down on paper for my audience to enjoy.

Now I am back at it and I am determined to pace myself. I pray the good readers that have enjoyed my work thus far continue to jump on this crazy moving train. My creativity is unpredictable but I shall remain faithful to the craft that I was blessed with.


Until next time…


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