Secret Admirer ***EXCERPT***

“May I help you officer?”

“Yes, I am looking for Gabriella Cooper.”

“That is me, what can I do for you?”

“Do you know a Darnell Fuller?”

“Yes, that is my boyfriend. What has he done now?” Though I was a bit distraught, I did not miss the look he gave when I said boyfriend. The first thing that came to mind was this fool has gotten himself locked up but then I waved that thought away. Police wouldn’t come to the house unless it were an emergency.

“What is this about? Where is Darnell?” The odd feeling that I was not going to like what he came to say began to climb up my spine.

“There was a shooting ma’am…” Everything in and around me started to swoon. Sadly, I felt relief that he obviously wasn’t cheating but felt even worst when I realized he was obviously hurt. Instantly focusing on the negative, I completely overlooked the possibility of him being injured.

“Oh my God… Please don’t tell me that he is dead.”

“No ma’am, as of right now he has been admitted into the hospital. I don’t have any information on his condition and the number listed for next of kin belonged to him. Do you have someone you can call to take you there?”

“No, I have no one and he had my car so I can’t drive myself.”

“I can drive you but you must hurry.”

“Oh, thank you so much.” Rushing to my room, I dressed in a hurry.

The entire time I was searching for his location, the awkward vibes from anyone I approached made me uncomfortable. The officer and the nurses that I spoke with were acting weird.

“Baby, what happened to you? Who did this to you?” Flinging myself at his bedside, I was speaking frantically. Touching his head that wasn’t covered in bandages, I had a deep feeling helplessness. The entire time I was speaking to his still form, I did not realize we weren’t alone.

“Baby?!” A squeaky voice asked. “Bitch, who the fuck is you?”

“Bitch?!” Snapping me out of my helpless state, I regarded the chick behind the ghettoness. “Who the fuck are you calling a bitch?”

“You bitch, I didn’t stutter! Who are you and why are you calling my man baby?”

“Your man…”

“Yes, my man, you need to answer my question hoe. I don’t have time for you groupie bitches tonight. This is not the time.” She scoffed. “Dar was with me and our son when some fool was trying to jack us. If he were your baby, then he would have been with you.”

“Son?!” This was serious news to me if this chick is telling the truth. With every word the ghetto vixen spoke, the only thing that stuck out was the fact that he had a son.

“I have been with Darnell for five years and we just moved into our new place yesterday on the Westside of town. Our son is four years old. Anything else you need to know?” She rolled her neck. “From your looks alone, I know you were not his type. Dar liked bad bitches and you clearly don’t fit that description.” There was no way that I would admit to this female that her words truly did hit home. Too many times, I have questioned Darnell on what he saw in me.

“Excuse me but who is the next of kin?” The doctor asked walking into the room interrupting the ranting bimbo.

“I am listed as the next of kin.” Raising my hand, I thought about just leaving the bastard with this bitch and let her figure it out. From the look on the doctor’s face, the news he had to deliver was not good.

“You are a liar!” The obnoxious little twit yelled. “I am his wife.” She added insult to the other injuries that I have received tonight.

“I am Gabriella Cooper and was contacted by an officer that Darnell was shot. I am his fiancée and he is on my insurance.” The stress of the early morning drama was now weighing heavy on my mind and body. Faintly, I heard the doctor calling for security to have the trash taken out of the room. Since the trick wasn’t on the list and couldn’t prove that she was family, she was told to leave. Quietly, definitely did not belong in her vocabulary.

“I apologize for the interruption. That young lady has been glued to him since he arrived. We assumed she was the wife because of her earlier statements. And your name is listed as his sister, according to the emergency contact card.” He said all of this and waited for it to sink in before continuing.

“I am sorry to say that Mr. Fuller has suffered some serious injuries and is on life support, as you may have noticed. A rare bullet hit some major arteries and dissolved into his blood stream. He suffered major internal bleeding and serious blood poisoning from the melted metal.” The doctor stated his condition. “It is solely up to you on our next course of action. The brain damage is substantial because of his lack of oxygen and the poison combined. It is not guaranteed whether he will make a full recovery or not. Only time will tell for sure.”

Without pause, I issued my decree. “Pull the plug,” I said void of emotion.

“Ma’am, would you like to think about this?”

“We have discussed this in detail, he wouldn’t want to continue like this. Also, he must be cremated, immediately. His wife, as she states, should receive the ashes.” If the doctor had any arguments over my verdict, he did not speak it aloud.

“Yes ma’am if you are certain, please sign here.” The doctor pointed out the areas for me to sign and went over the final details of the process. Numbly, I listened to his pointless ramblings; I just wanted to leave the premises as quickly as possible. As I watched a nurse come into the room to assist the doctor with the process, I waited unmoved for the deed to be done. There was no emotion to be felt besides extreme anger.

Upon leaving the room, I heard the chick demanding that they give her Darnell’s stuff so she could retrieve their car. All too eager to burst her bubble, I added fuel to the fire.

“Do you mean my car?” Smugly, I asked the taunting question.

“That is what I was explaining to this young lady,” the officer from earlier said. “I have your car keys but I must keep everything else until the investigation is completed. Your car will need a thorough cleaning but otherwise there is no other damage.” He further explained.

“I don’t want anything, just my keys, and maybe a ride to retrieve my car.” He nodded his approval. Before I turned completely around, I remembered one last thing that needed to be said. “Feel free to go back in now. I would hurry if I were you; the funeral home will be here soon.”

“FUNERAL HOME!!!” The whole floor could hear the heartbreaking screams and sobs coming from his hospital room. However, the stone built around my heart did not allow any more compassion. From that moment on, I was fresh out of fucks to give.

“Farewell, you bastard…” As we boarded the elevator to take me away from that bullshit, I whispered those words to the atmosphere.

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