Tenacious Tuesday

Happy Tenacious Tuesday to you lovely people.

Setting the tone for plans and goals for our lives is the key to achieving our dreams.

Doing the things that we desire the most is sparked from inspiration.

Reaching another milestone in my road to becoming a best-selling author has me arriving at sixteen books completed and more to come. The newest of the bunch is a personal story designed to assist others with feelings of self-loathing, for lack of better words. Coming up, I had serious issues with depression and self-esteem.

My life was on a constant reel of disappointment, in my opinion. Not only did I seem to disappoint others, I failed myself too many times as well. Every corner I turned, I wanted more but it just never happened. Self-hate is extremely dangerous, the feeling of helplessness and despair is a recipe for disaster.

Over the years, I made a million and one bad decisions. Admittingly so, I have done some questionable things but I repented to whom it counts to the most. Gratefulness flows freely from me on a daily basis that the Lord sent his son to die for my sins. The sad part is that others won’t let you forget where you went wrong. Therefore where you try to look forward to positively, they choose to live in the past and they want you to reside there with them.

My days of feeling ‘less than worthy’ are far from over because depression isn’t something to get over like a bad cold. The ramifications tend to stick around like a person with a bad case of asthma. The triggers will swoop in and interrupt processes just as a nagging family moocher begging for money. The triggers beg for attention and the fallout is never good.

However, I am looking towards the hills from which my help comes. I can and will do all things through Christ that strengthens me. I am stronger than I ever gave myself credit for.

It is my pleasure to introduce to some my story, my redemption on paper…

Never Enough


I always enjoy when my characters nag me to get their story out and this story was no different. Only this time, I was the character. My drive to be great is fueled by showing those that doubted me and told me that I wouldn’t amount to anything, their discouraging words don’t matter anymore. What once hindered me only fuels my fire to be great! Never again will I tell myself or allow myself to feel that I am ‘Never Enough.’

Be blessed. On to the next one. 🙂


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