What’s New…

So much has been going on both personally and professionally. At times the two seem to mingle and get tangled up in mixer. I can’t complain because for the most part I love what I do.

The long awaited sequel to BLAZE was released in September and it didn’t get the attention I assumed it would. That’s alright in a sense, better luck next time. Although I was a bit bummed, I stick to the saying ‘one monkey don’t stop no show.’ This buck must continue bucking until we are all bucked out.

If you have not grabbed your copy of BLAZING, please grab yours today.

DH has a book coming to a reader near you in November in celebration of Epilepsy Awareness month. It should be a very informative yet enlightening read. Also at the end of the year, there will be a surprise book released titled ‘Never Enough.’ It will follow a young woman who has self-esteem issues that date back to her early years of development.

Needless to say, the bomb is being dropped on some exciting new reads and I plan to send the readers on some new adventures.

In other news, the business has been booming with authors seeking book covers, websites, logos, and more. I am proud to say that Passion P.G.M. is off to a fantastic start. If you would like to take a look please visit http://www.passionpgm.wix.com/graphics.

I can truly say that the Lord has been blessing me. I am excited to experience all of the new roads and roles that we have been directed towards.

Have a great day.

K. K. Harris


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