With everything that is happening in the world today, I am completely speechless. From the senseless killings itself down to the constant debates about the senseless killings.

Whether the killings are by the hands of like individuals or if they are by the hands of ones that have sworn to protect and serve, death sucks. Although the bible states that there is a time to kill, I’m pretty sure the dummy notes wouldn’t condone the mess that has been popping off over the last week, month, year, or the last hundred years.

The constant genderfication (not in the dictionary, sue me), discrimination of all kinds, and unlawful treatment of any person of color is really at an all time high. This is absolutely unforgiving and yet all cases are not being reported. The media jacks, edits, and broadcast what they deem as important.

In no way shape or form am I stating one case of injustice is more important than the next but different races are being dealt deadly blows. Since every thing that has been going on with the presidential battle of sins to the unjustified killings of unarmed black men, the news has not covered the innocent Native American’s that are being brutalized.

Is one more important than the next? Nope they are all incredibly sensitive situations. The end result is the guilty are going free with no signs of facing time for the crime committed. The day of recognizing where some cultures stand in the sand is upon us. True colors are starting to peak past the blinders that have been in place for many years.

So many constantly speak of change, taking a stand, and wanting justice for those who have been persecuted or executed.

What is our next step? What can be done? How do we overcome? Hell, can we overcome? Where do we go from here?

The ‘Black Out’ that was recommended earlier in the year, I have yet to hear or see any results. Not saying that results should be instant but at least some sort of results should have been announced. The new ‘Black Out’ is a culture wide Black Out that suggests we stay home from work, school, no shopping of any kind, and anything else that has to do with hitting the economy where it hurts.

Question: Does that include television, no electricity, no water, no gas, no food previously purchased, no Facebook, no internet, no Instagram, no twitter, etc.?

Nothing against Isaiah Washington for taking the initiative to address a possible counteraction to every thing that is going on because it’s a fine time those that have a following speak to them. Although I agree something needs to happen, I am at a lost of what can be done when we as Black people don’t own much.

The simple necessities or simple wants in life are not owned by us, hell some are barely ran by ones that look like us.

By no means am I the negative Nancy, I am just speaking my opinion.

If we keep our kids home from school, that is a day of learning they will not get especially from white teachers that don’t agree with the cause or feel that our kids are beneath them anyway.

If some stay home from work, they could be fired. Every job doesn’t have vacation and sick days. For the people who bash them for verbally speaking of their fears of participating, how about show some sympathy.

Honestly it is starting to sound like an annual stay home day in hopes of crippling the masses versus actually making an impact. What comes after we stay home? Is it a day off for marches? Is it a day off to protest?

Before someone comments, why don’t you schedule one? Because I wouldn’t know the first thing to do, over the generations the game and the rules have changed.

Even the Bus Boycott continued on with their normal programs. They went to work and school, only the transportation changed. We are against police brutality and we want equality, how can that come from hookie? Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back… I will wait.

Much Love

K. Harris

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