Calling all Blaze-aholics…

BLAZING these STREETS is officially available.

You asked, I have provided. After several months of LIVE writing, I have completed the story and it is ready to scoop up.


The name Blaze was known to bring fear into the hearts of many men and made the women from his era scheme to be near. The youngsters that claimed to run things have now made what the streets once admired into a mockery. Although Blaze was finished with the street life, the fact that someone dare bash his name as if it were a joke, bothered him. The originals from the streets knew the deal but the newbies were sadly mistaking kindness and quietness for weakness.

Kay’s overwhelming need for riddles in her life to be solved will cause waves to roll all around. The answers that she seeks will ring trouble to their quiet existence. Hard choices will be forced upon her and lines will inevitably be drawn in the sand. Evil intent will be the driving force to disrupt a home-built on lies and attempt to throw a monkey wrench into a happy home for the hell of it.

Neither will be too pleased to have their lives called to question; this will be a bitter fight to end all the confusion. How will all parties involved gain resolve when so many lives have been disrupted with bitter truths?

Blazing These Streets Grab your copy today!

Until next time…

Much Love,

K. Harris

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