Throwback Thursday

What better way to celebrate TBT than to jump back to the very first time I became infatuated with writing.

Wattpad was my beginning because I was waiting for my favorite authors to drop the next book. I can’t lie, I was hesitating on spending money on a new one so I scoped out some free reads. That is when I stumbled upon Free reads, live stories, and so much more was available to spend my leisure time.

The idea of writing stories was always a faint thought but never in all my years did I think I could turn it into a profession. After reading for a bit, my husband asked me what I didn’t like about a story I was ranting on and on about. I didn’t like the ending, the storyline didn’t feel complete, and I basically told him everything that I would do different.

So in his wisdom filled mind, if I could talk about it then I could be about it. (in so many words) The story Love Drug, truly was just a figment of my imagination over a relationship that could have been but never came to pass. At the time, thug-passion and urban fiction stories was the genre I enjoyed. Needless to say, the live story of the book brought me life.

A new passion was awakened in me and it excited me to no end. That was the beginning but it certainly wasn’t the end. From Love Drug, Mo’ Better and Questionable Intentions came to my mind. There was no way I could resist the urge to add some fusion to the crew from the first book. I had to find everyone love and the drama thrown in was just for kicks. LOL… The Crew Series was born in less than a year and then topped off with a sexy cherry called Austin’s Desire.

Don’t believe me, check it out for yourself. The Crew Series is the bomb and then some.

To read exciting excerpts on these hot reads

***Excerpt Love Drug***

***Excerpt Mo’ Better***

***Excerpt Questionable Intentions***

***Excerpt***Austin’s Desire

To purchase any or all of The Crew Series in ebook follow this link.

For a limited time, I am also offering a Summer Savings Sale for this collection in paperback. To inquire about your signed copy of The Crew Series or any other read in paperback please email me at

Much Love,

K. Harris

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