Wayback Wednesday…

Let’s take a walk down memory lane, what say the people?

Do you recall your very first real crush? I’m not talking about the cute kid on the playground crush but I’m talking about whispering to your friends, googly eyed, love letter  writing, hormonal teenager crushing. LOL…

The first guy/gal that caught your attention on a serious level. A person that you could see when you closed your eyes at night when they were no where in sight. In fact, they were so far out of your reach that they didn’t even know you existed. If they did know you or knew of you, they didn’t know those type of feelings existed. Either way anything past ogling was all in the imagination, at least for me they were.

In my mind or in my romance novels, relationships are built off those type of emotions. Those emotions, thoughts, visions, dreams, and fantasies were so vivid.

While creating Trampled Heart, my mind was solely on picturing a real woman who most women can relate with. Kole was a single mother with hope of providing for her children without losing her mind. When she is approached by an old classmate during the time she was trying to discover herself,  things quickly spin out of control and she is faced with too many decisions at once.

The once one direction puppy love from a distance was replaced with mutual adult attraction and the suffocating fear of the feelings not being returned.

Jayce, on the other hand, has graduated from school and was doing quite well for himself. Although he was blessed with his professional career, there was something missing from his life. The dilemma he has to deal with is whether he chooses to deal with a blast from the past who he never noticed until it was almost too late or move around. Better late than never but how can he convince numerously burned Kole that he can be everything she needs in time?

Join the club with Trampled Heart lovers and read about the characters interesting journey to find love.


To read an extended excerpt click the following link. ***Excerpt*** Trampled Heart

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Much Love ~ K. Harris

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