HUMP-DAY Mindset

As human beings, we often complain just to complain. Granted some times, there is a logical explanation to the worries of our hearts and minds but most of the time it’s pointless. Actually all worrying is pointless especially if it’s over something we can’t change but that is not where I’m going with this post today. LOL…

Too many times, I have caught myself complaining about how busy I was, fussing over the multiple tasks that lined my calendar, and just constant grumbling period. All the while deep down, my importance level was where I have always desired it to be. A busy schedule possibly means that business is good and in return so is the intake.

One too many times, I uttered the words tired, too much, break and ended up getting exactly what I asked for. Be careful what you ask for, right?

At one point, the stories were flowing out of my mind faster than I could keep up or write them down. I thought I needed to pump my breaks and ended up with a mental block that lasted longer than I really expected. Normally writer’s block would last me a day or two, no this uphill battle lasted for months.

“Neglect the gift you have been blessed with and he will remove it…”

My husband is the master of putting this saying on repeat and I will be dang if I didn’t regret ever uttering the above complaints. As simple as they seem, they packed a powerful punch when I got exactly what I had been grumbling about.

Finally I am back on track or back to the drawing board, either one works for my current situation. It’s a battle gaining or regaining the audience that is eager to read what I have to give. Before my minor setback, the demand was high, not so much right now.

Will I give up? Heck no, I have come entirely too far to give up now.

So to all my Blaze lovers, street-lit seekers, romance fanatics, King wishers, I am coming with some new work that will surely knock your socks off and have you coming back for more. Mark my words… I’M BACK!!!

Much Love,

K. Harris

Leaving you with one of my jams from my favorite artist, Miss Badu… If I can get over that hump… I made it boss!


1 thought on “HUMP-DAY Mindset

  1. Its always good to be honest with yourself, but you have to pace yourself.

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