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Church folks, gossip folks, crooked folks, worldly vs. Christian folks… The list could go on literally forever if I tried to name the different groups that people could be categorized as.

Some relate to those groups because that is where they choose to be. Some folks are placed in those groups because of the way the act and then you have those people that swing from the tree of indecisiveness just because. In other words, they fit into all the groups depending on who they want to appease, impress, or adapt to from being acquainted with.

The First Lady’s Choice will highlight some of these individuals. This book will open Pandora’s box that is linked to Grace and Favor United Missionary Baptist Church. (Made up name) These characters will make you cry, laugh, scream, shout, and plot imaginary crimes for retribution. (Or maybe it’s just my little ole violent self)

So often…

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