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PSA for The First Lady’s Choice…
Rocky waters between Pastor William Foster & Lady Megan Foster will cause snakes to slither too close to home. Genuine alliances will teeter the fine line between friends and lovers. Who will be the victor and who are the villains? Don’t miss this tale of vows over virtue.…/…/ref=sr_1_1… 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
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This story came to me in dream. So many times, people tend to hold ministers, pastors, and other men of the cloth at high standards. When the clergy person falls off the pedestal they were placed on by their followers, then it becomes a big scandal. What people forget is that these individuals are warm-blooded men and women. They may fall and sin just like everyone else.

In this story, Megan Foster will find herself placed in the most awkward positions. She has to choose between the vows she took before God or value her own sanity by surrendering to a healing love.

Snakes, as I stated above, will come out of the thicket to destroy the fragile structure known as Megan. Many would rather see her burn from the inferno created rather than see her content. What will happen when all the ugly truths are revealed? Will Megan recover from the dirty hand she was dealt or does God have something else in store for her?

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Check out this read filled with drama and hard choices!!!

Until next time,

K. Harris

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