In celebration and recognition…

I am a true romantic at heart. I just love – love in general. Whether it is a love of a family member or the love of that special someone. It may very well be that now that I experience true love every morning when I wake up and go about my day until a lay my head down at night without a care in world. Whatever the reason, I truly enjoy writing books with a happy ending. I enjoy reading books that have a happy ending. Won’t you share the love with me?

In celebration and recognition of the day set aside for lover’s and hopeless romantics, we are proud to introduce a new sexy romance for your reading pleasure. ‘The First Lady’s Choice,’ is full of love, lust, lies, jealousy, and confusion. You won’t want to miss this journey of right and wrong between Christians. What say the church?

Would you like a sample?!blank/xveqy



Also six books filled with romance will go on sale today through Valentine’s Day.

Indecent Pawn, KING, Vows of Deception, The Ultimate Fight, and Trampled Heart will be on sale of $.99. ‘You can’t beat that with an egg beater,’ as the old saying goes. The one to start it all, Love Drug will be FREE starting Friday and promotion ends Sunday.

If you haven’t gotten the opportunity to read one of these passionate reads, don’t waste a good sale. Jump on it!

To read samples of any of the above titles visit the website and choose the excerpt that interests you.

I hope I have brought some entertaining love stories to you this lover’s holiday.

Be blessed!

K. K. Harris

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