Feel like snacking…

Another Pinterest pass blast from the past… Yummy

Author K. K. Harris

So despite every thing that has been going on in and around my life, I wanted to spend some time with my babies. What better way to spend time together, on a budget at that? Cooking, movie night, and/or game night but what’s a fun night without snacks? Healthy or fattening…

I was attending an author event a few months back in Memphis and a baker was selling a product called oreo balls. Now mind you when I first heard the name, I instantly started to laugh. Well mainly because I have issues and I openly admit that I am seriously special. Like short-bus special… lol…

After my laughter died down, I literally had an orgasm in my mouth. YUMMY!!! Get your minds out of the gutter and for those that didn’t go there, I apologize for tainting your minds with mine. 😋 Back to the story… They were so…

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