Waste not, Want not Wednesday


if you use a commodity or resource carefully and without extravagance, you will never be in need.


How can someone feel extra special? By not reading and doing their research. I swear I learn something new everyday. (Not exaggerating)


My special commodity/resource is my energy, patience, and perseverance.


Anybody that knows me–knows me… Knows that I am quicker than ‘Quick-draw McGraw.’ Is that a good thing? Depends on who you ask. Lol…


Honestly, I never saw it as a bad thing but lately I have been exercising the art of holding my peace for a few ticks to align my thoughts. All the time? No, I am still a work in progress but the important fact is that I AM a work in progress indeed. *Under Construction* with roadblocks and detour signs that don’t always work properly.


So many years, I have dealt with depression issues and some still to this day. This is after all a disease, not just a simple mindset or a way of feeling pity for oneself. It can be very serious.  Despite it all, BUT GOD!


With those dreaded hurdles, obstacles, and distractions thrown in my path to greater, the amount of prayer warriors I have burns those bridges that lead to destruction. Lately a fresh annointing spirit has been surrounding me like a thick blanket. A soft, wool covering that has been ushering me away from the hateful daggars that threaten my sanity.


My only consolation is that I know I must be doing something right if the devil sees a reason to constantly slang insult after insult my way.


On more than one occasion, a prophecy has come from different members of my tight knit circle of folks I hold dear to my heart. These are folks that wouldn’t interact with one another but they all have the same words. Coincidence? I think not. Baby the Lord is trying to show me something and at the same time let me know to keep up the good fight.


Waste not your energy on being angry about things that you cannot change. Waste not your patience on waiting for people, situations, and relationships to change. Waste not your perseverance in accomplishing and achieving success.


You will never be in need of a miracle if you use the energy and perseverance not on the unbending but on what it takes to achieve greatness. What you know about that? Ha, the Lord is working a miracle everyday. Are you prepared?


Until next time…


K. Harris

2 thoughts on “Waste not, Want not Wednesday

  1. Preach! Church! AMEN!!!

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  2. Amen…the fact that you understand your situation just means you get it. Things don’t clear up over night, but with patience all is solved…a test of your faith basically!!!

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