The newest to the collection was released last month and to celebrate it’s success as well as tempt others to join the KING bandwagon, I have decided why not add a little sample to tickle some fancies. Although this is where we left off at in KING, you won’t want to miss out what happens after the ish actually hits the fan.


On the last episode of KING…

When Monica first pulled up she could feel some sort of tension or evilness in the air. Stepping through the doors of the restaurant she almost suffocated from the thick scene. The hairs on the back of her neck were standing at attention. The hostess led her to Idris’s booth and just for a moment she forgot what was going on around her. Her Alpha was so damn sexy and most importantly, all hers. Kissing her on the cheek, rubbing her belly, and helping her into a seat Monica’s guard was down for the meanwhile. As long as Idris was there she didn’t think she had anything to fear.

“You look gorgeous, Sweets.”

“Thank you baby. You look rather dapper yourself.”


“Can I have a sip of your drink?” Monica went for his glass filled with cola.

“Shit, I forgot all about that. You distract me so.” He moved the glass out of her reach.

“Is something wrong?”

“I have a feeling there is but I’m not for sure.”

“What do you mean?”

“Excuse me sir, I think I gave you the wrong drink. I will bring you a fresh one.”

“You do that.” Idris said without taking his eyes off of Monica. The waitress walked away in a hurry. Monica felt the urge to get some fresh air so she lied to get away.

“Excuse me for a minute. I will be right back. Alright?”

“Where are you going?”

“To the restroom. Is it near the front?”

“Yes, let me walk you.”

“No thank you, I can handle it. Be right back.” Monica made a detour just as soon as she got away from the table. She saw Idris pull the waitress to the side saying something in a low tone. There was someone she needed to have a few words with. There was a dead fish on the line and if she wasn’t mistaken the fish was trying to make a run for it. This was one run they were going to lose.



Cynthia was sitting off to the side watching Idris from a reasonable distance. She was just biding her time to approach the table and make her move. He just needed to be caught off guard with a little calming drug to boot. A fellow model associate was working this restaurant for extra money so it worked out in her favor. She promised to hook the timid girl up with her manager in hopes of getting more gigs. Cynthia would do that part for she had been so busy trying to sabotage Idris’s relationship that she hadn’t been performing to the best of her ability. Some would call her depressed, she calls it intense passion for someone. Fatal attraction? Never, men all over the world wanted her, Idris or Darian were no different from them.

Idris was ever so handsome as the first time she met him. Stalking him had become a part of her daily routine. She had other people looking into him but they came up empty so she knew she had to handle her investigation herself. Just when she knew she had hit the jackpot her mate showed up instead of who she sought. One day she received a phone call from a casual friend of hers that Idris’s mother got her hair done in her salon. Of course the chick also thought that she and Idris were an item. Cynthia basically told the woman that she wanted to meet her mate’s mother because he was hesitant. Being that she was out of the country on a photo shoot, she had her assistant set up a fake meeting with Idris’s mom.

Finding a friend of a friend to get in contact with her was extremely hard but well worth it when she agreed to meet with her. That was until she didn’t show; in her place Darian came. Upon realizing he was her mate she near about hit the roof. This was a mistake. He wasn’t who she wanted, who she craved with every fiber of her being, or the wolf she desired to share her days with. After pining over him all this time she deserved to be Luna, not some unknown human. Once she filled her head with plenty of uncertainty, Cynthia just knew she was a sure in. Especially since she planted enough doubt into Idris’s mind that she wasn’t the one. Lately since she had been following him, he had been alone. So he hadn’t chosen a mate yet and that was the best news she could ever discover.

“What do you need me to do?”

“He will order his usual drink, so I need you to intervene giving him this one.”

“What is it?”

“The less you know the better.”

“Who is he? He seems very important.”

“Do you want to be a star or what? I will be sure to tell my manager you are not a team player if you can’t get this done.”

“No. No, I can do it.”

“Good. Give me a signal when it’s done.” Cynthia was determined to get what she knew she deserved. She warranted someone the likes of Idris. Considering herself head bitch in charge material. Watching Mrs. King all of these years grace society, there was no doubt she held some of those same qualities; not some frumpy nobody from Arkansas. She made sure to thoroughly do her research on her opponent. The little bitch was an orphan, a big fat nobody, and she needed to keep her ass hidden wherever she was.

Just as she was about to make her way over to his table a woman approached. Her back was to Cynthia so she couldn’t make out who she was. From the way she waddled when she walked, the woman was indeed very pregnant. There was no way the woman hugged up with Idris was the bitch she had sworn off. The Alpha from Louisiana had marked her and they were hugged up. There was no way Idris would forgive her for submitting to another wolf. This had to be a client.

Instead of continuing to the table to make her presence known to Idris, she changed her steps to retreat. Her time would come but today obviously wasn’t the day. Stepping outside she got a text that stopped her in her tracks. It was from the waitress saying that she couldn’t go through with it. She destroyed the drink before he could take a sip because the pregnant woman that appeared wanted some, complaining of being parched. Cynthia cursed to herself because it was a fact that the fetus would die if the drug was ingested.

By any means necessary she wanted Idris. If it comes to getting rid of the woman, the child, or all of the above then so be it. Getting lost in her thoughts she didn’t see that she was being approached from behind until it was too late. Whirling around, she was startled to see who had the gall to step to her.

“What do you want? Didn’t take you as the rub it in your face type.”

“Never that. But I am the ‘keep testing my patience’ type.”

“Oh yeah and am I supposed to be scared? Mere human…” Cynthia sneered. “How is it that you are still alive anyway?”

“That’s for me to know and you to find out.”

“Cocky little bitch. I won’t stop until I have what is mine.”

“And I won’t give him up without a fight. Keep playing these little hoe games and you will catch a certified, grade ‘A’ ass whooping. He is MINE and I don’t share. You’ve been warned.” Monica stated with finality. “STAY. THE. HELL. AWAY. FROM. MY. FIANCE!”

Fiancé? When did all of this happen? Why would he want her? It has to be the mate bond. One thing is for sure, she wasn’t giving up. This isn’t the last they have seen of her. Cynthia Barnum gets what she wants. ALWAYS.

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