Meditation Monday…

Meditation – the action or practice of meditating.

“a life of meditation”
synonyms: contemplation, thought, thinking, musing, pondering, consideration, reflection, deliberation, rumination, brooding, reverie, brown study, concentration;

On this wonderful Monday, I am reflecting over my epiphany filled weekend. Let me stop… More like a week full of ups, downs, and a series of redirections.

Our church has suffered a great loss. One of our oldest members passed way on Friday. RIP… Plus so many other setbacks that I refuse to name. Either way, I won’t lie, I was in a pissy mood last week. I was cussing up a storm, mad at situations that I know I have no power to change, and pretty much let the devil use me. It didn’t take much for me to click on anyone who had words for me.

No matter how many times I showed out my true color always kept peaking back in to remind me things could be just a little worst.

You all remember that old Kodak commercial, ‘I see your true colors, shining through. I see your true colors, that’s why I love you.‘ Can’t nobody tell me nothing that was supposed to be a gospel song. LOL… Okay maybe I am overreacting but it dang sure is inspirational.

Overtime, folks have really taken the phrase ‘show my true color’ and made it somewhat negative. Lord knows I have.

“They gon’ make me show my true colors in a minute if they keep messing with me!”

Basically meaning that I am about to show up and show out, not in a good way either.

Sadly only recently did I realize how truly misguided I really was. The chip on my shoulder has to go! My epiphany moment this weekend and this morning has basically allowed me to see more errors in my ways. Allowed me to see the truths behind certain issues if I just be still and listen. If I stop ranting long enough to hear the purpose. Hold my tongue, forget the mule. LOL…

My mule will be alright but if my tongue can be held down long enough, then I may be able to adjust to a cleaner vocabulary and lessen the pounding in my blood vessels. Sometimes I go off so hard, my head is heavy and clouded.

The devil thought he had me so bound yesterday but that fresh anointing washed over me and made me stop what I was doing immediately to reflect. I had church in my spirit so tough my ears were ringing, one of my rings had cut the inside of my palm from clapping so hard and loud, my heart was pounding, and the sweat wouldn’t stop. All I could do was throw my bloody palm (that I didn’t realize until it was over) in the air and praise him.

All it took was a little meditation in my head over the events of late and BOOM! Lightbulb moment…

The saying goes, communication rules the nation. Well they need to add a little meditation in that mix and we might actually get somewhere.

So much is going on in the world today. I pray for peace on all battlefields. Not just France…Not just Kenya…Not just Nigeria… Folks are arguing, complaining about choosing sides, what flag who should put where… Come on people stop the foolery. Stay all the way in your lane and do you. Human beings lost their lives, point-blank-period of all races from a terroristic act. That is all! Half of the folks ranting and raving about who said what is the epitome of wishy-washy. Stop, you are now looking like the biggest hypocrite for the world to see, take a seat and woosah.

Until next time…

K. Harris

P.S. A meditation challenge may be coming soon. The world is in serious need.

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1 thought on “Meditation Monday…

  1. In reading this, it hit me. The blood running down your palm…just gave me the visual of them nail/piercing Jesus in the hands. Continue to let God use you. There is something greater in you that will soon be released.


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